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November 15, 2014

Sleep Early

Saturday. Lights out by ten after watching one or two things on the tablet, now mounted on the new stand. A simple sort of device, but it seems to work just fine. Probably a good idea, I suspect it's now the way I'll watch stuff on the tablet in bed.

Up with the alarm with no problem, off to breakfast and back. Had the gas prices changed again? Down by another two cents? Seems they are, but I had to check yesterday's entry when I got home. More a memory exercise than anything else I'd guess. No rationale otherwise for taking the photographs.

A nice looking day out there, at least while driving back. (There's an ocean of high clouds up there as well right now, blocking the sun as I write. We'll head over to the farmers market, maybe go on to the ATM on Lakeshore (no maybe about it) and see what evolves for the rest of the morning. Feel good. I keep saying that when it happens and, however flaky the memory has become, I seem to be saying it more often. Let's hope.

Later. A walk along the lake, noting the number of birds has increased these last weeks, with the addition of migrating Coots, Lesser Scaups to the gulls, Mallards, geese and pigeons. Time to put a long lens on a camera, go back and take more pictures.

Over to Lakeshore and on to the ATM, back through the farmers market, stopping at the café near the exercise club for coffee and a bun. Enough exercise for one morning and so a lie down on the bed to watch an episode of Sons Of Anarchy on the tablet. Wasn't aware of its existence until recently, but noticed Ron Perlman was one of the actors, the actor I've been stopped on the street a number of times now and asked if I were he.

It' about an outlaw biker gang doing the things you imagine outlaw biker gangs do when people aren't looking. Probably better to be confused with say a George Clooney than someone who's famous for playing monsters (and biker gang bad guys), but what the hell? At least it's a touch of fame, even if the touch is ridiculous.

Up now in the early afternoon and another walk over to the lake, but this time with an 80-400mm lens on the camera. I should have set the ISO higher, not thinking and missing a couple of shots I shouldn't, but getting enough photographs I liked to think it worthwhile go over again tomorrow and do it right. So good. Pictures.

Home now, dark just after five, nothing on television from the schedules, but with the small number of channels I receive, I shouldn't be surprised.

Evening. To bed early, more of the tablet watching, to sleep early.

The photo up top was taken at the Fruitvale Dia Del Los Muertos Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.