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Here In Oakland

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November 14, 2014

About It

Friday. And so I stayed up and watched Elementary last night, getting to bed at eleven, for what reason I do not know. I most certainly wouldn't want to defend my action in the commercial television we choose to watch debate, but stay up I did, rather than watch it over the Internet this morning.

For getting to bed late I still managed to get up with the alarm without a problem, certainly feeling much better than I did yesterday morning. Nothing unusual there, I half assumed it might go well as it's been similarly perverse in the past: less sleep, wide awake the next day.

Anyway, off to breakfast on a cloudy, looking like it's going to be sunny, morning. The weather people say no rain and probably nice weather through the weekend.

Have no idea what the rest of this day holds, other than a set of pictures from the construction site. It's a Friday, after all, a weekend ahead. Nothing on the event calendar until Thanksgiving, but still. A call later to the Protime people to see where my replacement test strips have gone, find out if I screwed the pooch thinking I'd ordered them when I hadn't.

Later. The usual walk over to the construction site to take pictures from three sides, not a lot of workers on site, but pickups and deliveries underway. Hard to say what was going and what was arriving without actually standing there for a while and watching, but more pictures of what their new floor looks like in the morning sun.

Back to process the photographs before setting out again to catch a downtown bus and get some lunch. The noon hour bus, I figured it would be crowded in the City Center, but there was a table available in front of the bagel shop (a turkey bagel sandwich, donut and coffee) and I took my time eating and watching the people walk by.

Pretty predictable, are we not?

Isn't that what they say? The same routines every day, not a lot of novelty as we get old(er)?

A walk back then up Broadway to Grand, taking a picture of the woman on the right just after they'd passed me on the sidewalk. Liked the combination of hair, top and jeans, would have liked to have taken a picture from the front without the backpack, but the situation wasn't right. Old dude asking for your photograph? Right.

A bus at Grand and home to futz with the pictures and listen to the news. So far no thoughts of a nap, although lying down for a while to watch something on the tablet seems to appeal. Nice day out there, sun, not too hot. We stumble on toward Thanksgiving, but slowly, comfortably, entertainment by tablet.

Later still. I did call the test kit people and they said I hadn't ordered a resupply, so they're sending the necessary strips and other odds and ends required. A call to the nurse who handles the readings to let her know what happened. No problem, we'll wait on their arrival and make another mark on the memory board up on the oops! side. Still not sure what happened there, though. How I managed to do that.

I did lie down and finish a Netflix movie I'd been watching. Still not “tired”, as such. A little slow, but a little slow as we're always a little slow these days, so maybe we just integrate it into the mix: a little slow is the norm, not worth mentioning. Or thinking about.

Evening. A New Tricks at seven I'd seen before. Didn't seem to matter. Sat down and futzed along on the guitar. I've been going over the last lesson I'd had and seem to have it down. Now, would I follow through if I were to start learning songs? I'm far enough along to play them with a reasonable amount of practice, but is it something I want to do? I've been thinking about it.

Watched Charlie Rose at eight and then went to bed. To sleep before ten, I'd think. Lights out by ten, up at six with the alarm. We'll see if that's enough and, if naps are required, we won't worry about it. Hup!

The photo up top was taken at the Fruitvale Dia Del Los Muertos Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.