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November 7, 2014

Our Last Late

Friday. To bed after eleven, to sleep whenever, up with the alarm feeling good. Shouldn't be a surprise, none of this works out as we think it should. How much sleep last night? Less than I've gotten this last week certainly, but up feeling fine, a project I've had in mind now for some time on the mind, a little different direction maybe in this morning wind?

Where it will stay. These little flights of fancy come and then evaporate just as quickly, forgotten by the next wobbly paragraph.

True, but they're nice to have, keeps what's left of the brain alive. I have a WordPress book arriving today, I may actually open the damned thing and download the software. I do own all these domain names bought with the excuse I'd put them to use now that I've retired. Just starting to build one or two in WordPress would count as no small success.

As I said, gone in the next paragraph.

Later. No naps, no thoughts of naps, and so out the door on this foggy morning to photograph the construction site, poking the camera over the canvas covered fence to snap the usual series of shots, one or two interesting, more not. No complaints. We understand the rules and what's required if we wanted to take a step up.

Back to the apartment to turn around almost immediately and take a bus downtown to have a cinnamon roll and a small coffee in the City Center out in front of the bagel shop. One picture before walking back to the apartment, a photograph as I approached the lake, another passing by Childrens’ Fairyland, a then third not far beyond. I like their direction, particularly the last, the product of looking and perhaps occasionally seeing rather than walking in my sleep.

Skipped going by the construction site, back now at the apartment. The WordPress book hadn't arrived, which is for the best as I hadn't left a note on my mailbox to leave it with the manager in my absence. They usually know to do this, but sometimes they don't. Not the end of the world either way, but better to get the book while I've still got a head of steam as opposed to a head full of steam. You understand.

How much coffee did we have at the City Center?

Not enough to take the blame for this buzz. Not that we need to explain.

Evening. A pretty good day. Again, no way to forecast how it will go from that night's sleep. Predictable, really, how unpredictable life.

The WordPress book arrived and I read through some of it. I will have to talk with my ISP to see how they handle installing the software on their system, but I suspect I'll go ahead. Nice if this interest - I've been thinking about it for some time - holds.

Friday nights are better than most for television and so maybe our evening is set. I checked the Elementary web site and they do make the Thursday night ten o'clock episode available online. You can't access it on a tablet without paying their monthly fee, but it's available for viewing (with all the ads) on computer the next day, so maybe we've now had our last late Thursday night.

The photo up top was taken at the Fruitvale Dia Del Los Muertos Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.