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November 6, 2014

After The Alarm

Thursday. To bed when, last night? Not so late, lights out still around nine, nothing to keep me up fiddling on the tablet, but still, tired when the alarm went off, up with some effort. Not a lot, not a little, but more than I remember from recent days.

Off to breakfast and back in the usual routine, some thought of going by the supermarket but deciding not. We're good at deciding not. Posted yesterday's entry, the usual thoughts about babble and the like, to bed then for an hour and a half, some of it actual sleep. Better now that I'm up.

Is that really any different from other days? Mornings?

Probably not. Just sensitive, I guess. The day outside sunny and bright. A walk over to the construction site soon enough, maybe a trip downtown. When's the last time I've been downtown? When's the last time I've ventured beyond my spot here by the lake?

Later. Another lie down for a while, listen to the radio before heading out to take today's set of construction site photograph, a quick walk up Bellevue and then along the top, the tangle of rebar, plastic covered cable, pipes and the rest getting closer to being ready for their immersion in cement.

Back down Bellevue as the downtown bus was passing by, so no trip downtown, at least for now. A walk over to the lake to note more birds out in the middle, so maybe the migration has begun. Looked to be mostly coots. No pictures, gave up after maybe five minutes and returned to the apartment to take another nap. I seem to recall similar days like this: pictures and naps with the occasional lunch.

Another great day, t-shirt weather without being too warm, sitting here now at the computer in front of the fan, the television news droning on in the background. The Japanese station, then the German station, then the public television News Hour. Drone is probably the accurate description. Is it news? We persevere.

Later still. More lying on the bed fiddling with a nap before finally getting up and out the door to pick up a chicken sandwich at the burger drive-in, finding the line much too long and so out again and over to the Round Table across Grand for a personal size pepperoni and mushroom pie, taking it home and eating it without damage. Not often I'm in the mood for pizza, less often that I'm able to get even a small one down. Success? Failure? Not sure either one applies.

Evening. There is a Midsomer Murders on at eight followed later at ten by another Elementary. At ten. I will undoubtedly watch it, the head being relatively clear and awake right now after an hour on the guitar, playing along while watching some weird off the wall Korean thing no sensible person would mention in public. No excuses, no regrets, we'll see what happens tomorrow morning after the alarm.

The photo up top was taken at the Fruitvale Dia Del Los Muertos Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.