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November 16, 2012

Need Our Sleep
Friday. I of course watched Elementary last night, got to bed after eleven, didn't bat an eye. Some things you just do, shouldn't have even mentioned it. I understand its ratings aren't all that great, but what the hell, given my television diet, I wouldn't expect anything else.

Anyway, up with the alarm on this rainy morning (they're saying rain well through the weekend and into next week) in reasonably good shape, no indication of a slow morning on the way other than knowing I'd gotten to bed later than I'd like. Off to breakfast and back in between the intermittent showers, but again, rain, we're evidently into rain for the while. My guitar lesson at ten. Maybe I should go through the lesson.

Later. I decided to lie down for the hour, getting up in time to head over to the lesson. Fine, plenty of time to get there, went into the lesson and didn't do all that well. Hell. Well, I didn't rip through the finger picking exercises as well as I was thinking I might given how I'd handled them in practice. Am I kidding myself about getting in enough practice? Could be. We'll see, starting today (or tomorrow).

Still very cloudy out there, some sun coming through at the moment, but the clouds are dark and dominating and their prediction of ongoing rain seems accurate. Still, if I could slip out for a walk this noon hour, that would be nice. I did run by the supermarket on the way back from the lesson, so that's been taken care of, but I'm due for another visit to the ATM and then the pharmacy to pick up a refill and the bus is coming in another fifteen minutes and so maybe we should scramble! (Dramatic music wells up here in the background, the tension is building.)

Later still. Caught the bus. Good. Got off to go by the ATM and then walked on farther along Broadway to the pharmacy to check on the prescription - they had yet to hear back from the doctor - on to order a crêpe from the usual place, eating it out at a table in the City Center. A rain looking overcast sky with light rain about half the time. I say ‘half the time’ in that I had the camera wrapped up in a plastic bag for about half the time, a good indication. If the camera's in danger from rain, then it's rain; if the walker is in danger from rain, well, maybe it's rain and maybe it's the walker.

Got back home, went to bed. Didn't sleep, but tired. None of the various other symptoms tired, just tired from not enough sleep last night. Up now in the late afternoon having consumed the first of two bottles of sake I bought at the supermarket this morning. I'm in a “what the fuck” mood or else I wouldn't have started this soon in the afternoon. I don't think. And, with but one bottle, I can still think. He said. Confidently.

After one bottle comes two.

Which is why I only buy but two, as I've not quite mastered yet “after two comes three”, which would be a problem if there were indeed three sitting in the kitchen. A lesson learned, many times learned and learned again whenever I lose focus. But I wander. Pay no attention.

Evening. I guess I've seen the Swedish police procedural at six before as I realized I'd seen the first scene, but maybe not. I suspect I have, but if I have, it's one I've seen more than a year ago and that's why it's even dimmer than others in my memory. What the hell, I watched it as I picked along on the guitar (not nearly enough time with the guitar) and now it's done. One quick peek at another program I'm not willing to admit I will watch and then to bed. We need our sleep. He said.

The photo up top was taken along Lake Merritt yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 180mm f 2.8 AF Nikkor lens.