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November 15, 2012

Something To Eat
Thursday. To bed early, but not getting to sleep until after ten. Seems to be the routine. No matter how early to bed, to sleep after ten. Not long after ten, but after ten, up this morning with ease with the alarm, off to breakfast and back in good order on a cloudy, but with the sun peeping through day. The obligatory picture of the eight cent a gallon drop in prices along with the one pandorea flower and the small cluster of pandoreas in the making. A good start, in other words, no more to say.

Later. About an hour's lie down on the bed listening to Democracy Now on the radio. No sleep, but very comfortable in the brain's foggy twilight, getting up and feeling quite good. A walk then out the door with a camera mounted with the equivalent of a 270mm lens thinking I didn't want to go downtown, didn't want to get anything to eat, but maybe I'd walk over to the lake because my body was saying we're heading out, even though the mind wasn't quite sure where or why. A not uncommon state of affairs around here except for the clear headed feeling good part, we could make that experience more common any old time without complaint.

Anyway, a walk along the lake noting we've had more migrating birds out on the water over this last couple of months, the coots having returned along with a smaller number of Common Goldeneyes and Scaups. So a picture or two as I was walking. There is a reason for the camera, after all.

On to the morning café for a banana, ice cream and coffee, the sky overcast again with the sun getting through, a good light for photography when there's no direct sun. A walk back home, again going along the lake, noting I'd missed these when I was walking in the opposite direction. There's both good and bad to the graffiti, the focus on “art” to the good, the defacing of buildings and such with something less than art or political content not so good. Still, we smile, we take photographs.

I have been thinking over the last couple of months, wondering really, if there were changes underway in the sinuses. They still ache, the upper gums still ache, but I've been noticing a change. I find I blow my nose more often. Because we have more pollen in the air? Allergies of some kind? Not just cats? Then again, blowing the nose, not only does the nose clear up, but the head clears up, the attitude clears up and thoughts come along: could whatever nerve damage be repairing itself? Slowly, of course, but could it? An upbeat question at least, makes the day in a way seem better.

Home now, we'll start on the guitar (we do have our lesson tomorrow), we'll listen to more news (I suspect there's less “news” in heaven, more “news” in hell) and think about what to do with the bedroom. In thinking about it I've pretty much discarded the idea of the narrow cabinet, I realize one wouldn't really hold what I was thinking of putting inside, but we're still thinking and looking for a way to bring the bedroom remake to a proper conclusion. I want the thing to be right. A different take after all these decades. Better to start small, I'd think, attempt small changes before gearing up for the Olympics or a round trip up Everest in the spring. Dingle-dee-ding.

Later still. Tuned the guitar, sat down and practiced for a while. Good. Wandering into the bedroom and moved some things around on the desk, moved some camera peripherals into the (camera) closet, measured the camera bags and then went online to find a set of shelves to store them on. Found some. They're arriving Monday, the day before the bedroom night stand is due to arrive. Progress, I'd say. Progress and a touch of shell-shock.

So we'll see. The (camera) closet off the hallway: there's room there that could be freed up. Another (smaller) project that's been hanging around now for years. More shell-shock. Could shell-shock be good for you? You think?

Evening. Another lie down for an hour to clear the head, this coming about an hour after eating dinner. Hmm. Three naps today, all about an hour after eating. I think I'll make notes over this coming week, see if there's a correlation. My short term memory isn't trustworthy so I'll need to make notes, an example being the three naps I've taken today. Might have been two. The two I mentioned here. If nothing else writing it down will give a definitive answer.

Nothing I'd watch in a million years at six, an English thing called Fat Friends and yes, it's every bit what the name implies. God is clearly not on my side on Thursdays nights. There is however another Elementary playing at ten. From ten to eleven. Will I stay up and watch? How many times have I said I'd like to keep the bedtimes consistent? This morning? Right, I mentioned it this morning. (I wonder how I'd react if I ever went back and read all this stuff?)

You sure you've recovered after your, um, nap?

We're good. A little hungry, though, I wouldn't mind going out to get something to eat.

The photo up top was taken at Telegraph and Broadway yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.