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November 12, 2012

You Never Know
Monday. I did get to bed early, before nine. Awoke more times than I like to think to get up and take a leak (gotta stop drinking all that water with the fiber pills in the evening), but otherwise a decent night. Off to breakfast and back on a cold but sunny morning, stopping briefly as I was leaving to take another photograph of the lone pandorea flower still holding forth out on the trellis along the patio. For reasons unknown to man or me, deedle-dee-dee.

Home now thinking of doing more with the bedroom. It looks much better, but it could use a small table (beside the bed to provide space for a lamp and the many barely read magazines) and a narrow column of shelves (to hold what's still remaining in near little piles on the desk). Such things could happen as they require the spending of money and not much other effort. Embarrassing to admit. Or not, I guess, just having done so without a thought.

Later. A walk over and around to the Lakeshore ATM, doubling back then to drop by the used furniture store where I'd seen the narrow cabinet I thought might work in the bedroom. Someone else, as they were closing last night, thought the same and bought it. Forty-two dollars. So much for the narrow cabinet, although it's gotten me thinking what a good idea it would be to have such a thing. Which is more than enough to get me off my duff.

So lunch at the usual place - an egg salad sandwich, ice cream and coffee - sitting out on the patio in the sun. A nice day to be wearing a sweater over a long sleeved shirt, a little cooler than it's been in a while.

Anyway, we're home, it's early afternoon, a good time to pick up the guitar and start a little early as it pays when the day is done. Hup.

No narrow cabinet, but a side table to hold a lamp and magazines stared back at me from an Amazon page, so it's ordered and on the way. We'll worry about a lamp to sit on top of it after it arrives, see what it looks like in the flesh before we decide. One down, two to go and the day ain't over yet.

Then again, maybe, instead of a cabinet, a cabinet with drawers to sit just below the bedroom window sill. Hmm. That would take care of the bedding that still needs storage, the top, maybe, to take care of the camera battery charger units, although less neatly than a narrow cabinet would allow. Then again, if I were to have both....

Later still. Maybe my shooting was less off than I thought after going back and correcting two of the Blueford photographs in both Lightroom and Photoshop. The brightness and shadow balance was off, more to do with my eye than any defect in camera settings. So we'll check more of the photographs and make any needed corrections. Sometimes it's best to spend more time before we tape them to the wall.

A brief nap earlier, more a lie down and let the day slow down, than any attempt at sleep. Felt like crap for a while, crap I've become familiar with over these last many months, but feeling better now and the evening looks good. I still wonder if it's something they add in their cooking at my morning restaurant. A reasonable excuse to take a vacation, get out of town, take notes, take pictures, see if I experience a difference. How many times have I threatened to do exactly this? Many more than once, but things do eventually happen if you keep at it long enough.

In the long run we're all....

Well, then, I guess we'd better hurry up. (hup!)

Evening. The Swedish police procedural at six (set in the 17th Century) is another I've seen before, didn't need to see it then, most certainly don't need to see it now, so on with the guitar interspersing it with too many visits to the computer. Pretty flaky, actually, all this jumping around. Still, feel pretty good, the schedule for the day continues as it has in the past, the evenings quite good, the late afternoons chancy. Hope those chancy late afternoons don't learn to grow, although you never know. Ho, ho.

The photo up top was taken at the Alan Blueford March and Protest Saturday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.