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November 11, 2012

Know More Tomorrow
Sunday. To bed well before ten without awakening in the middle of the night. A bit clogged up this morning, awake at seven-thirty without having set the alarm, off to breakfast and back at nine. Good. The day has started slowly, but well.

I'm going to skip out on the Veteran's Day parade this morning. I have too much work to do on finishing yesterday's photographs and, well, I'm not altogether ready to head out and over to San Francisco. Maybe if I had another hour to pull it all together, get the ducks in order, but if I photograph the parade today it will undoubtedly affect the guitar (some, but not enough time spent yesterday), not because of the time spent in San Francisco on the shooting, but with the then time that will be required to process and post the additional pictures. I've done this before and I do eventually learn.

And you're a little rocky from the sake last night?

Maybe just an edge, but not enough to say for certain. A bit slow. Three drinks over as many hours shouldn't have had that much of an effect, certainly it wouldn't have back when I was younger, but we're older now and I'm seeing the balance becomes more delicate. So a factor, but again, with another hour to psych myself up I'd have headed out. (And screwed up my guitar playing for the week.)

Later. The rest of the morning was spent on finishing two sections of photographs. It turned out there were two, although there are quite a few additional photographs up on the site(s) without thumbnails that are hidden next to photographs with thumbnails than there have been in the past. Best to not go to three, the photographs are marginal enough with two. No need to stretch.

In looking at them, though, I'm not encouraged. Yes, shooting in direct bright sunlight is difficult, but it can be done with some care and I don't think I took enough care. I know the rules, have (occasionally) followed the rules, but I guess we need a refresher. But enough. The day is bright, the temperature crisp, we'll head out for lunch and leave the carping behind. Hup.

Later still. A walk to the morning café, but found all the outside tables full, so a walk then back and then on to the local drive-in for another chicken sandwich. We'll see if I experience any of the dry mouth symptoms later, testing my thought it could have been the cause of the last time I had one. I'd bet not, but not a lot.

The photographs are posted to HereInOakland and artandlife, so we're clear to pick up the guitar and catch up on yesterday's too short session. I do have a new finger picking riff to learn and I do want to learn it. I'm not sure about this finger picking yet, but so far, if no cigar, then no dark muttering either. We are making progress.

Evening. I've seen the six o'clock Italian police procedural before, didn't really need to see it that first time around, so we'll finger pick and watch Moyers & Company instead before going to bed early. No sign of a dry mouth after than chicken sandwich, but we've felt better, so we'll go to bed and start the engine up again tomorrow.

The engine?

A complicated little piece, this engine. Many parts, many paths, many connections. That's as much as I want to know about it anymore, although I suspect I'll know more tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken of Adam Blueford, Alan Blueford's father, at yesterday's rally and march with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.