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San Francisco Journalcon photos
How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade

November 12th, 2002

Give You A Bye
No news on Still seems to be on line, although there haven't been any more referrals from the site in recent logs. I'll focus on Monday and worry about meppy later. I do have one or two Canadian readers. One of them could be planning something nice. There is, after all, a Gardner & Associates that gives surprise parties. My first reaction was - oh god! - Gartner. My site is being used as an appendix in some sort of client study, things to watch for when you give rude low level employees access to the web. I am fucking doomed. But then I remembered Gardner & Associates is not Gartner Group. Very little in this world is Gartner Group, come to think of it, after their premier client hit the wall breathing fire and screaming Gartner right up to its very last second. Enron. They were the showplace example of every principle Gartner ever championed. Enron is a favorite here in California.

I drove to Palo Alto this morning for my meeting with the Anesthesiologist at Stanford. TheStore window in Berkeley first appointment was at 10:00, the second at 10:45. I didn't get out of there until 1:00, which would have put me back in the office at 2:00, which was rather late, particularly as I was hungry and hadn't had lunch, so I made a little deal with myself that if a parking space opened up along the way through downtown Palo Alto - yes, it's crowded, and yes, this doesn't often happen - I'd grab it and have lunch. I drove by the first one, a big wide open parallel space that couldn't be empty, but was empty, missing it completely before I could realize I was an idiot. Then another appeared.

I parked. I had a nice Chicken Caesar and a glass of the house red. A bit tannic, the house red, but drinkable. Just the right buzz. Hard to screw up a Chicken Caesar unless you really work at it. I like them made the way they're supposed to be made with Anchovies, something you rarely find, but this one was fine even though is had a creamy, almost mayonnaise based dressing, not an Anchovy within eight hundred miles. This meant I got back to Oakland around 3:00, tired, a slight buzz on, deciding to call in and see if they were buried and needed my presence. Stalwart, overworked, underpaid coworkers volunteered to come to my assistance. Owe them. Took a fitful nap. Feel better this evening.

One interesting thing came up during the interview and the brief examination done by the Urology nurse. Had I been recently checked for a hernia? No, but my doctor had mentioned the sore muscle feeling I've had in my groin area now for the last two years could be a small hernia. Well, she said, putting on a pair of rubber gloves, let's take a look. I have two of them, one on each side, both small. Would I like them fixed Monday while the doctor was inside? No big deal once you're open. Well, yes. I would. When they took out the section of small bowel (to no good effect) ten years back they popped the appendix and a couple of other organs I can't quite recollect. If this fixes the sore groin that's been a worry to me now for these last two years - remember all the angst about buying a special bed? - I'll be excited. If I'm around. To be excited.

Knock it off, dummy! You're tempting the gods! Keep your mouth shut and hope they give you a bye.

The banner photograph was taken at the How Berkeley Can You Be? parade and the second photograph taken through a store window in Berkeley.