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San Francisco Journalcon photos
The Hotel Utah in San Francisco

November 8th, 2002

Out Here In
Thursday. I received the Bose radio CD player. I'd thought it was also a clock radio, but I was mistaken. No big deal, it gets the public radio station here just fine, although we have a rain storm going and the wind blew the station off the air about an hour ago. Even their Internet feed is down. Not much of a rain storm by, say New York standards, but big stuff around here. Anyway, if you've ever thought about buying one of these things, you see them in print ads all the time, I can say I'm not disappointed. Are they worth $500? I have no idea. I don't know what you can buy for $500 anymore. If something comes up to change my mind I'll come back and post a warning.

Friday. One thing. (A lesson on how dumb you can get.) I couldn't figure out how to program the preset buttons, so I dug out the manual.A birthday lunch in Oakland Easy, go to the station you want to program and hold down the preset button until you get a "beep!". Made some presets. Public radio, obviously, but the old farts rock and roll station and a local pirate operation run out of the back of a black Chevy van. Less reliable reception when you're hunched over the console doing 40 down Grand Lake, your old lady taking her turn at the wheel. I'll program the last two presets later, when I've had time to examine the rest of the old fart's spectrum. Then, since all of this excitement had made the day just whiz by, driving home, I tried the same technique on the car radio. "Beep!" I'll be damned. It worked. Probably the universal method of programming these things and I am the last man on the planet to figure it out. How long have I had this car? Then again, not the last time I was the last man to understand.

So, Friday, a good day, although it's dark as mud. My neighbors are obviously out whooping it up: Cocktails, dinner, theater, poetry slam fest's, old hippie Crisco parties - I live in a frenetic neighborhood - whilst I sit alone and write. Which I rather like. Or have you noticed, out here in Oakland?

The banner photograph was taken at the Hotel Utah last week in San Francisco, the second at lunch in Oakland.