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San Francisco Journalcon photos
The Hotel Utah in San Francisco

November 6th, 2002

A Little Beer
Elizabeth Dole. North Carolina, of course. A replacement for Jesse Helms. Must remember she is a follow on in a land where they elected Jesse Helms. Over and over and over. Time to pick our collective ass off the floor and get to work. What do we really believe? Time to put it on the table. Time to suck it up. We may be screwed, they have two years to create what could be, after all, unimaginable damage, but no sympathy for those who just sit and moan (and play their electric guitars). So you guys get going and I'll pontificate, two pints of Guinness to the wind. Mumble.

Of course we have elected an androgynous machine aptly named Gray Davis here governor of California. Fully automated, but only animated when you put in the money. We've also managed to elect a straight Democrat ticket for state wide office. You get enough politicians of one stripe working without supervision and you're generally in trouble, party doesn't matter. They go along with the money, Democrat and Republican. I think I'm going to become a Green or a Libertarian. Wait a minute, I am a Libertarian. Mumble.

I dunno. I guess the world is no more weird than it was when I was young.A birthday lunch in Oakland You come in running, scrambling, no time to step back and think. No (what else?) old guy perspective. A Cold War world, missiles pointed at missiles, a president dead on a Dallas street, Agent Orange and napalm, Lawrence Welk and Disco Duck. Was the world less weird or dangerous when I was twenty? Perhaps we were lucky, could have been different. Every year, a roll of the dice. One day win, one day pass, one day craps. What was the bet? Match sticks? The rent? It's important to pay attention, but attention to what? Off year elections? Benny and the Jets?

OK, OK. Otherwise, a reasonable day. They say it will start raining and carry through the weekend. This morning they drew a little blood, this evening I drank a little beer. Here in Oakland.

The banner photograph was taken at the Hotel Utah last week in San Francisco, the second was taken over lunch in Oakland.