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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

The Guy In The White Hat.

How Berkeley Can You Be? parade, Berkeley

November 5th, 2000

An Adult of Experience
Time passes, things change, and then one morning you stick your nose up out of your burrow and notice that everything indeed has changed, yet you're the same as you were when you last had this same revelation, so it must be Sunday morning, right?

This isn't going to be another one, now, is it?

Well, no. (Shift gears.) Today the cold symptoms are gone if not the cold itself, so take what you will from my zinc experience. Gotta keep them straight, of course: lead (along with speed) kills, zinc shortens your cold as long as it comes in lozenges (the orange flavored ones are nice). Probably doesn't do you much good in bars or pellets, although I'm told a zinc galvanized car won't rust.

I had breakfast at the cafe near Lake Merritt this morning. Picked up three Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley bottles of Coca Cola at the Seven-Eleven on the way home, an extra bottle today cause I feel the need. I have a rule that says Coke is OK on the weekends, a two bottle a day habit, but three on occasion, keeping it to water and coffee during the week. One of the few rules I occasionally keep. (On a hot day in a Chinese restaurant I can and have been had, but not as often as you might think.) Makes the weekend special, start with a good breakfast, come back home with a sack full of America's Gift From God (and Atlanta) sitting on the seat beside me, thinking, well, which web project should I avoid today? Which room should I not vacuum? Which critical project at work, still sitting unpacked in my rucksack, can I rationalize away until Monday? Well, all of them, of course. I am an adult of experience.

The banner photograph was taken at the How Berkeley Can You Be? parade and the store mannequin was photographed on Telegraph Avenue last weekend. The quote is by Jane Wagner.