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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.


November 4th, 2000

It Was That Or....
I have the cold, it's not too bad, but, you know, it's a cold and colds suck. So I'm sitting here and writing an entry. I had a nice idea earlier on for a meta-election rant, something with a little perspective that went beyond these two particular candidates, but I'll save it for later, or, if we've both lucky, forget about it. I have very little confidence in candidates anymore and I'm hoping that Congress, through spite and division, will botch any attempt to make really foolish legislation, but I also know this to be a fool's dream, an old fool's dream, spun by one who's decided to keep his head down and try to ride it out. Let's just hope I don't need any of those prescription drugs before I'm finished. Been there, done that without insurance, and I can assure you it sucks, sucks, sucks. I'll vote, I'll vote, but I get to bitch about it.

I brought a laptop home to futz around with a software setup problem that must be solved and ready to go first thing Monday morning. I'll look at it not today, but tomorrow. Those who read my journal may see a pattern in this statement.

Clinton did speak across the street yesterday and I went over with MSJ, MSG and MSx, two of whose photographs have appeared on these pages, and we stood way at the back listening to various Congressional candidates and our very own Mayor Brown prep the crowd while I shot pictures of people through a 200mm lens. (One of those purchases you make early on because you think they're sexy as hell and then you never use them. We'll see how they turn out. Big thing, impresses folks, but it's not really something you use day to day when you're shooting.) Lots of police who'd cleared the streets of cars, men dressed in black on the building roofs surveying the crowd with field glasses, the four of us standing at the back staying just long enough to get a look and say we'd at least heard the (amplified) voice of a President in the distance. Whoop! Back to work. A 30 or 40 minute break, one or two good shots.

By the way, there's no reason to suspect these zinc lozenges I've been taking haven't had an effect on this cold. The Science News article I mentioned said the study was scientifically sound and that the use of lozenges had cut the life of their subjects' colds by half. Half is a lot. How can I be sure that's what's happened here? I do know how long my colds usually last and if I feel even a little better tomorrow I'll say go for it. Go out and buy zinc lozenges, I'll go out and buy stock in zinc lozenge companies and we'll all live happily ever after.

"So, this is what you've got? Political rallies and zinc lozenges?" asks self.

It was that or the fucking hamsters.

The banner photograph was taken earlier this summer at the Solano Stroll and the lady in costume was photographed on Halloween at the office.