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Here In Oakland

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May 6, 2022


Friday. Up half an hour later than usual at seven-ten to do the now standard breakfast routine in the kitchen - Raisin Bran, orange juice, coffee and a banana - returning to the bedroom feeling reasonably good, not so fuzzy headed as we've been in this last week. One day you're fine (or what passes for fine these days) and the next you're a wobbly old duck out of water. But such is life.

Had the Protime blood thinner test yesterday for the first time at the Kaiser Permanente offices in Beaverton, received an email later in the afternoon with the result. A bit higher than usual, but well within the desired range. So good. I guess. A followup confirming phone call later today? We'll see.

Later. A phone call from Kaiser to say yesterday's reading looked good, but they'd like to get two readings to start the series and so return for another test in two weeks. OK. I guess.

A drive with my sister to a local barber shop that takes walk-in's, decided to make appointments for Monday instead of waiting for half an hour for chairs to open up and so that's been it for errands today, back to watch this and that on the tablet. The weight has been stubbornly a couple of pounds over target this last week or so, although I don't think I've been overeating, but not hungry and so we'll continue to eat less and watch it over these next few days.

The blood pressure started running high again yesterday, not sure why. Goes up for a few days and then goes back to normal for a few days without anything changing in the way of diet, sleep or exercise.

Evening. Watched a baseball game on the tablet. No walking because of all the rain. Lots of rain. Enough rain to strike an ex-Californian with envy. Lights out at nine-thirty, the sleep has been reasonably consistent until I ended up sleeping in this morning.

You're writing again, but it's still all just babble.

True, but what the hell, as Oat Willie always said: “Onward through the fog”.

The photo up top was taken yesterday in Lake Oswego with a Nikon 1 V3 mounted with a 10-30mm f 3.5 - 5.6 1 Nikkor VR lens.