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May 14, 2017


Sunday. The time spent slipping off to sleep or during a period when you awaken in the middle of the night have reliably been times when things I've been avoiding thinking about during the day come to mind. Odd that going to sleep turns out to be the time the head clears and considers issues you've been avoiding during daylight.

Such as?

Preparing for what's coming, getting rid of the unneeded crap I've accumulated over the years, the stuff I've grown out of and won't use again. Walls of books that need to go, but anchor you in place like chains set in stone. Maintaining a storage locker that you don't really remember what's in it anymore, that you haven't looked at in years. Years and years. The fact you may one of these days need to move.

All this was mixed with listening to a program on the radio at three this morning on which they were talking about earthquakes, I lying there looking up at all the framed photographs hanging on the wall above my head, looking at the book cases and their books just beyond the foot of the bed. Were they far enough away so they wouldn't reach you in an earthquake? You wonder why people aren't willing to do anything meaningful about climate change when we know it's coming, as we know the earthquake is coming, and maybe we should do something about those shelves? Just, you know, stuff it's best at some point for you to take care of? That stuff?

And all this last night?

Seems to happen as often as not when lying in bed going to sleep. The thoughts you seem (I seem) to avoid during the day. LSD has similar, but much wider ranging, more immediate effects. But I digress.


Anyway, awake, as mentioned, for about half an hour last night, to then awaken at six-thirty and head to breakfast to discover the car battery was dead. It was weak last week and so it wasn't a surprise. Just don't drive enough to keep the battery alive.

So a walk to have the chicken-apple sausage, eggs, country potatoes, fruit cup, toast and coffee for breakfast. Hungry, but again, not really much warming to anything on the menu, including what I had.

The usual walk home, taking a picture of the resurfaced highway exit since the traffic was light. Probably enough pictures of asphalt, pictures of asphalt laying machines, and babbling on here about it.

Later. It's been a funky afternoon. Tired, the sinuses acting up and so spending much of the time on the bed, listening to the first innings of the A's game and an On The Media episode on the radio for example before walking over to the lake briefly, immediately turn around and return to the apartment. Lots of people on the grass on blankets near the shore, but no pictures as there were no birds other than gulls. And I was tired.

That's been the afternoon. Maybe I was awake longer than I thought last night, maybe I didn't get enough sleep. Maybe, maybe. Doesn't matter, so take a dose of the pain meds, lie down and zone out.

Evening. The usual two episodes of Elementary, both of which I'd seen, some of which I remembered, both of which I watched. It turns out they've renewed for another season, so we'll see how it evolves and what inane comments I can come up with as I watch.

The photo up top was taken at the How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.