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Here In Oakland

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May 6, 2016

He Said

Friday. To bed and lights out again at ten, awakening briefly twice in the night before finally awakening at quarter after six. Quarter after six seems to be etched into the brain and so no complaints. Enough to think about other than sleep.

Overcast, they'd been saying a chance of rain this early morning and so it, plus sloth, led to driving instead of walking to breakfast. We'll make up for it later (he said). I'm out of vitamin B-12 and need to pick up a bottle or two at the downtown Rite Aid, so we'll photograph Latham Square, pick up the vitamins and maybe get in lunch.

More bus riding than walking in that particular trip.

Then we'll put a long lens on the new camera and go bird hunting afterward over at the lake. One way or another we'll get in a walk.

Later. Raining, not hard, but hard enough to keep me inside until noon when I finally caught a bus to Latham Square and took a set of pictures with just enough time left to go by Rite Aid to buy that bottle of vitamin B-12. Except, for some reason, I looked for and ended up buying a large bottle of vitamin D-3. Why? A senior moment? Well, yes, obviously. How long have I been taking B-12 since the doctor asked me to start taking it? Years. Years and years, yet I ended up with D-3. A year's worth. Not a clue I was totally blowing it.

Managed to catch the return bus, just missing it at the 13th Street stop on Broadway, but the bus driver saw me and pulled over at 14th Street to wait for me to catch up. Home now thinking of heading across to the lake with the 300mm lens on the camera. Probably few if any birds on the lake with the rain, but we do want to get in the walk and taking a camera will get it done.

How many times have you now repeated this need to get in the walking today? Rah! rah! and maybe it will happen?

Evening. Stayed inside, watched television, played guitar and worked on three sections of Latham Square photographs that will be finished tomorrow if I'm lucky. A Cinco de Mayo street celebration in San Francisco tomorrow unless it rains. They'll be there if it rains, but I have no thought I'd be there with them if it does.

Watched a New Tricks I've seen before or, at least, I remembered some of it, didn't remember who'd done it until the very end. A little guitar as I was watching, the usual hopeless series of scales and two memorized songs. No real hope for learning the guitar, one suspects.

Some Charlie Rose and then to bed (he said).

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.