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May 5, 2016

Still Thinking

Thursday. Lights out at ten to awaken again at six-fifteen on a somewhat overcast, but sun soon to be coming up morning, the weight just under one fifty-one in t-shirt and shorts on the scale. Do not want it to go any lower. I'm not certain it would matter, that I don't still have excess weight I could lose, but we're getting awfully close to whatever weight that might be and we're not looking for extremes. I know, I've said it many times, worrying about this is weird given my past, but weird it is and not totally without reason.

Still, a decent walk to breakfast carrying the new camera, the picture of the pandorea flowers and the flowers blooming out in front of the Grand Fare Market looking better, somehow, than many of the others taken with the big full frame cameras. Hmm. For someone who's been taking pictures for a while I'm still, in many ways, pretty much an untutored beginner.

And lazy.

Well, less motivated. For some reason, at this advancing age, it now seems annoying. Why not push harder? Age? Sloth? Is it indeed never too late to learn?


Later. A slow late morning and early afternoon. A short walk over to the lake with the new camera, but finding few if any birds, managing but one shot of a seagull flying up above the white column pergola. The sinus-upper palate has been aching, more than usual is the thought, the front teeth dominating attention and so another dose and a half this time of the pain meds. I may talk to the doctor if it continues. The thought has been it's getting worse, but slowly, one small incremental step at a time. Creeping teeth aches.


Later still. Another book arrived from Amazon, a thought if I don't read it through I should stop ordering books. For a reader who zipped straight through every book he ever ordered or bought, this buying and not reading makes no, just a long standing habit that's never been broken. And it's embarrassing.

An hour now after having taken the pain meds and they seem to have done the trick. Good, I guess, best to not have to take them at all. Obvious statement. Their ability to knock back the soreness obviously doesn't make you any smarter.

Evening. That second dose of the pain meds seems to have worked really well, the aching sinus-upper palate, if not gone, then well out of mind. Maybe up the dose from here on out, see if it makes a difference. Maybe add the extra half dose to the scheduled meds I take every morning.

What is all this jabbering about “pain meds”? Good thing you're retired and don't have an employer out there who's reading this.

I was pretty careful about talking about anything too off the wall when I was working. Strange new environment we live in now and it's going to get more so for those still around in the future. I was dumb back then, but I was also lucky.

Nothing on television, two of the three PBS stations raising money again and the Charlie Rose interview doesn't interest me. Still a good finish to a day, the sinus thing quiet, the head, if not clear, then at least still thinking.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.