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Here In Oakland

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May 26, 2015

We're Tired

Tuesday. To bed early, awake before the alarm by a good twenty minutes, up to set out for breakfast remembering I had an appointment with the ophthalmologist at ten. Which is good after yesterday's walk along Broadway with the vision issues and the other symptoms that made the day much too interesting for one of my advancing age.

An easy enough walk to breakfast and then running into the bus as I was leaving to get home before nine. So far, so good. Should I drive to the dealer and have the car serviced today, since the ophthalmologist's office was located within short walking distance of the dealership; or should I drive, look for parking and put the car servicing off until later in the week?

A drive directly to the ophthalmologist's office, finding a parking space on Telegraph by a coffee shop where I had a cup of coffee thinking it would be more comfortable sitting there than in the office waiting room with the others. A photograph of a mural on a store next door that sold honey. Only honey. The “Bee Healthy Honey” Store on Telegraph. Never too old to learn.

The ophthalmologist tested the eyes and exactly described the symptoms I'd been experiencing yesterday saying the eyes were fine, the occasional trouble with the double vision normal for someone my age, not something that's going to do anything silly and bite you unpleasantly in the future. Felt better for that.

Back to the apartment to pick up working again on the Carnaval photographs, a project that took the rest of the day. Six Sections. I probably could have cobbled together seven, but six is more than I've put together for any parade or other day's shooting. A good outing. Feel good about it.

Later. I did take a bus downtown in the middle of working on the photographs to see what they were up to at Latham Square. Didn't really feel like going, but the trip was easy enough and they were indeed busy. So I took photographs, more than I was expecting to take to include some from the Rotunda building window. The activity, when I arrived, was on 17th Street. Part of the project or just something they were fitting in? Have no idea. Still: pictures.

And yes a walk by the apartment house construction site to take pictures there on the way home. We're too far into this thing to start skipping days just because there are other things going on.

Evening. Nothing on television and so to bed early to finish watching a movie on the tablet, yes, but more to get to bed, shut down the head and turn out the lights early. It's been another long day and we're tired.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.