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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 14, 2015

Last Minute

Thursday. Lights out by ten and then to sleep in a decent interval (I think, it's now later in the morning and my memory isn't altogether clear) to get up with the alarm at six-thirty and walk to breakfast and back. Overcast, as usual, but I suspect a decent day ahead. Home to briefly futz with yesterday's entry before posting and then to bed for a nap and a good hour's sleep. Maybe I really don't remember how good or bad the sleep went last night. Wouldn't be the first time (or the last).

Later. Overcast, a bit of rain, a bit of sun, but as good a day as any, I'd say. A bus downtown to have lunch at the bagel shop, a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich with coffee at an outside table, the sweater and winter coat just enough to be comfortable, a walk then back along Broadway taking photographs of the street construction they've started at Latham Square, straightening out Broadway at Telegraph. Just to take a look.

A walk then to the ATM on the way to Grand, a bus the rest of the way home. I was thinking of getting off to take pictures at the construction site, but it was starting to rain. Not hard, but enough rain I didn't want to take a chance. Home now to futz with the pictures and think about what's coming up to photograph in the next couple of weeks. Some energy this day in other words, a nice surprise.


Well, a nice whatever. We're never sure anymore what the day may bring. The sinus thing getting in the way. Old age getting in the way. Pollen? Poltergeists? The mind skips along if it's allowed too much time to think about this stuff.

Maybe best to stop. Thinking.

Why do you think I take all of these photographs?

Later still. A walk over to the apartment house construction site just before four, the construction workers finished for the day, but I felt guilty about not taking pictures and the brief period of rain we'd been having earlier had stopped. Just a quick walk over and back.

We did arrange an email appointment tomorrow to gain access to an upper story Rotunda building window and so I'll meet with the engineer at the building to see what we can come up with. The few photographs I took earlier today are OK, but they need more thought, not so much for whether they're taken at street level or not. So good. Not my particular bent, but we'll see what we come up with.

Evening. Another Inspector Lewis at eight I've seen before, another Elementary coming up at ten. If I'm conscious I'll probably stay awake and watch Elementary in bed on the tablet and not put it off until tomorrow, but sometimes sanity prevails at the very last minute.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland May Day march and demonstration with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.