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May 18, 2012

The Evening Ahead
Friday. I'm afraid all this solitary internal dialogue leads to, well, less than coherent journal entries. Certainly after looking at yesterday's. Still, the only way around it would be more editing and that would take effort and ambition, both of which seem lacking lately as in these last number of years. Either that or the photography is sucking up all my energy in a wild burst of creativity, which would at least sound nice if it were true. Still....

Otherwise to bed early last night and a good night's sleep, awakening with the alarm. Off to breakfast and back on a sunny morning, none of this grey overcast stuff, so I suspect it will get quite a bit warmer as the morning progresses. A walk somewhere I think, we've been remiss lately and missed taking pictures. Well, we did take one or two, but nothing worth showing. We don't stop, we just get a bit forgetful and careless, feel bad and go buy more equipment.

Later. Nothing particularly inventive, not that I was expecting inventive, but a bus ride downtown to walk through the City Center and then on to the farmers market along 9th Street. I'd forgotten the market was held Friday mornings and so was pleasantly surprised and sat at a table along the periphery and drank a cup of coffee taking one or two unoriginal pictures. Still, the mood good, the coffee not at all terrible.

I noticed this fellow walking by with an old man's humped shoulders. They say it happens more often with women, osteoporosis, but I'm assuming it's this guy's problem. The reason I took the picture is I've been noticing a certain caving in of my own posture lately, bringing to mind similar images of old guys shuffling along with their nose closer to the ground. And so, when I think about it, I make it a point to straighten up.

You sat in chairs like a pretzel when you were a kid.

It was the fifties and sixties. We all did.

Anyway, a walk then to sit for a bit in the Asian Cultural Center, thinking an ice cream cone or some of that Japanese candy, but both stores were closed so I took a picture and headed on back through the City Center, through Frank Ogawa Plaza, then on to Broadway and home. A decent walk. I was going to wait on a bus at Grand around the corner from Broadway, but the bus was taking its time and I didn't want to just sit. So a walk on farther with one or two more pictures as a result. (hup.)

It's now mid-afternoon, I'm all read out after going through all my usual web haunts, so we'll tackle the guitar and listen to the news. As I did yesterday and the day before. And the week before. And the year before.

Are we complaining?

I'm wondering how long I'll be comfortable with it. Still enjoy the days, feel a degree of anticipation when I get up, but I've threatened taking a trip over a bridge now and again in the past as a counter balance and done absolutely nothing about it, so I suspect the subject will come up again. As it just has, come to think of it.

Later still. A start on the guitar, then another attempt to convert a song from an lp to an MP3 file, something I've done successfully in the past with this setup but have recently had failures using the same software and connecting cables. I finally turned my brain on and got it done. Again, something I've been fumbling with now for over two weeks discovering, with this afternoon's efforts, I don't seem to be paying attention to my surroundings. Asleep. Or something. Maybe we are becoming more of a space case than we quite understand and shouldn't joke about it. Well, more than a lot.

OK, buck up. The song is on the laptop and I can now practice playing along with it. Good. A necessary addition. Also cleaned up a bunch of recent mail, tossing most of it, but paying a couple of bills, one I discovered I'd let go to the very last minute through sloth, not to mention the follow-up Protime test I was supposed to take on Tuesday. Space cases are often accused of sloth, are they not? Another little reminder? Still, done, the desk is clear with the evening ahead.

San Francisco How Weird Street Faire taken with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.