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May 17, 2012

I'd Say. Hey.
Thursday. To bed early? I think so. Not sure it's good to say you don't remember when you got to bed the morning after. Less good for it to be true, doodle-dee-do. Up an hour after the alarm to head over and back from breakfast as I've done now since I can't remember, home under an overcast sky. They're saying good sunny weather for the next week, but with high clouds in the mornings. I can do that.

The guitar lesson at noon and then we'll see if we head to the supermarket after. Whether or not I buy this or buy that isn't of import as I'm curious if, after all this verbal dithering, whether I do actually go. Whether I run out of laundry detergent and Q-tips isn't going to make any history books. Not even my history book.

Unless this is your history book.

Let's not go there, we're scattered enough about this damned thing as it is.

Later. The lesson went well. We moved from the current beaten to death lesson on to the next to be beaten to death lesson, hard for anyone to tell if this description is really close to the truth. If it isn't, I'm one of those being fooled.

Yes, I went by the supermarket and picked up the laundry detergent and the Q-tips, I'm safe and set from talking about it again for another however many months. I also bought things to eat. Nothing much, some cottage cheese, spaghetti sauce, Parmesan cheese and noodles; sharp cheddar cheese, crackers and sake, the last three on my ocular migraine to be avoided list. I've had some of the cheddar and crackers already and now, after four in the afternoon, I've consumed both of the small bottles of sake. We're celebrating. Celebrating what I'm not altogether sure, but we're celebrating and feeling good, although I'm thinking this is not necessarily the best thing to be mentioning in one's journal.

Should we be worried (laughing, understanding, pissed or what?)

A bit off the straight and narrow, but two small bottles of sake (150ml each) won't get you in trouble unless you drink it all down in one gulp and then get in the car and go drag racing with the local teenage racing crowd. I don't even know any teenagers around here, let alone James Dean look-alikes who race cars after school.

And this is supposed to give us confidence in your, um, state? All this sounds pretty scattered.

I'd warn you that you can be replaced, Self, except I'm not quite sure how that would be done. Get rid of your Self? Show him the door? At four in the afternoon? I wonder if there's a Wikipedia entry describing the process, six ways to divorce your Self without need of a doctor, a lawyer or a broom?

Evening. Some guitar just now, but not a lot. Enough for the day, considering the morning practice session and the lesson itself. A good enough rationalization, I'm thinking, after those two sakes.

The thing about starting at three in the afternoon is most of it's worn off by seven leaving you a bit tired and yet not quite ready for bed. What to do now? It does lead to a long night's sleep, though, right? Another rationalization for drinking sake in the afternoons. At least our imagination hasn't failed over the years. I'd say. Hey.

San Francisco How Weird Street Faire taken with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.