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May 3, 2012

For A Fourth
Thursday. To bed relatively late last night close to eleven. If I'm remembering right. Felt it took some time to get to sleep anyway, although I got up this morning without a problem with the alarm. I was wondering about that. If I would. Off to breakfast and back under an overcast sky, not sure what the weather prognosis is said to be for this third day in May.

My guitar lesson coming up at noon. I'm up for it, have some questions to ask. For my less than sterling practice this last week my attitude seems good, progress in playing seems to be there. Part of the deal, I guess. Not every week is sterling, not every bad week is without its better parts. I could go on, but I won't. We're not immune to listening to our own ongoing idiocy here and sometimes shut up.

Later. OK, the May Day protest photos are up on artandlife, I'll move them over to HereInOakland this afternoon. A mixed bag, but I'm happy enough with them, although I didn't spend the extra time I think they need for a better rearrangement and flow. I'm not sure I like some of my choices more from an editorial, rather than an aesthetic standpoint.

I'm not really trying to make a particular political statement, although every choice has a political aspect whether purposefully done for that or not. Maybe think about that in another life. Something to look at again perhaps this afternoon as well. Some time on the guitar getting ready for the lesson coming up in less than an hour. Still overcast.

Later still. The lesson went reasonably well, I tumbled along without too many mistakes. We'll repeat the lesson, of course, tumbling along without too many mistakes at about half the speed required before you'd recognize it as music. But that's OK, we're up for that. You can only do so much if you don't practice enough.

A bit of rain while I was waiting for the lesson to start, some very slight rain now and again through the later afternoon. An hour's lie down without dozing off to sleep right after returning, up now listening to the news drone on in the background.

Evening. A slow late afternoon now into evening. A fair amount of time on the guitar (without having to push), more time with the May Day photographs. None but maybe one or two zing off the page (zing is stretching it), the others OK, my comparison of it to the earlier Lao New Year celebration photographs make them a bit pale. But maybe I've spent too much time with them, give them a rest, come back with a fresher head and decide then. I could put up a fourth section, but if the first three seem a bit iffy, no need for a fourth.

Oakland May Day Demonstrations taken with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.