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May 2, 2012

Strange And Surprising
Wednesday. To bed last night somewhat late, up this morning before the alarm to head out to breakfast and back on another clear looks to be sunny day.

I spent more time working on the photographs from yesterday last night, but probably won't have the artandlife sections (I think I was able to get three of them) ready until, well, probably late Thursday as I've been remiss in my guitar practice (a bad week, probably as bad a week as I've had over these last eighteen months of taking lessons) and I do have to make amends. Starting right now. Hup.

Will you?

I have no idea. Yes, but will it be enough? I'm too burned out with all this b.s. prognostication.

My, my!

Fear not. We'll soon be back in practice. Rationalization isn't something you just quit, not after all these years of practice.

Later. A bus downtown to pickup a prescription refill, a walk and then a bus back to the apartment to then spend a fair amount of time with yesterday's photographs. I suspect I'll have them done much later today or tomorrow. Some time on the guitar, not nearly enough before a walk down to the morning restaurant for what turned out to be a light lunch.

Passing the Splash Pad Park area where they hold the Saturday farmers market I noticed the palm I've photographed in the past, photographed it because I was curious about its few and seemingly dead or dying fronds, was missing and yes, they'd chopped it down. Too bad. I'm not sure how old the tree, what it was that killed it (you hope it wasn't vandalism or something similar), but a tree that old and unique is always a loss. Such is life. And, well....

More guitar now. This miserable guitar week needs to end on a better note. Yes, I've been out taking quite a few pictures and spending the time required to get them together and up and online, but that's no excuse. We'll call it a fluke, one of those outer lying data points that get thrown out when you calculate the norms and draw the graphs. It's my calculation, I'll throw out whatever I want.

Later still. More guitar, we caught something of a wave with the guitar, and more work on the May Day photographs. The sections won't be done until tomorrow, but I've made quite a bit of headway, even though I should probably review them in detail when I'm finished and make some necessary changes to improve it quite a bit. I haven't spent enough time in the final phases of these sections in the past, but that's something learned now over time and can be corrected. Hup (and all that).

So, a relatively late evening watching this and that, futzing with the photographs and practicing the guitar. For some reason I managed to change the way I hold the guitar with my left hand on the frets and was able to comfortably stretch much farther than I've been able to stretch in the past while fingering what is otherwise a simple chord sequence.

Was it just I hadn't experimented enough before in how to hold the guitar or has my hand (now with practice and exercise) finally found the way to make the stretch? Interesting development. Here I'm worrying out loud about my practice habits and I'm given this. Life is indeed strange (and surprising).

Oakland May Day Demonstrations taken with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.