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A Blogger's lunch in Oakland

May 6th, 2003

Start Again Tomorrow
The color wedding stuff looks fine. They're not perfect, but little in life is perfect. I got some nice photographs that will make them happy when they return. Repeat after me, "will make them happy when they return". And then repeat it again, please, just in case.

That's nice. Nice is nice.

Isn't it. A pretty good last couple of days, by the way, now this wedding is over, the dizziness, for one, having subsided. I've adjusted to getting up at five and leaving work before four and I've another three day weekend starting Friday. And I've scheduled another three day weekend for next week. The excitement is practically debilitating, which probably isn't what I need right now, "debilitating". I've had my share of debilitating. Take care of yourself, self. Sleep in late. Be a normal human being again, think novel thoughts now that we're well into spring and line up some more of these Fridays.

You don't have a clue what to write, now, do you?

No, but we'll start again tomorrow.

The photograph was taken at a recent Blogger's lunch at PCB in Oakland.