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A Blogger's lunch in Oakland

May 5th, 2003

Before The Camera
The black and white wedding photographs are OK. Not good, but OK. We will see what the color looks like tomorrow when it comes back from the lab. Hi, ho. Part of the problem may have been using the new lens. I thought I'd tested it sufficiently at the Cherry Blossom parade and to a lesser extent at the recent blogger lunch at PCB, but now I'm less certain. Beginner's mistake. I know to test new equipment before using it in a shoot, but I don't know enough, evidently. Of course I also used the 135mm, a lens I'm comfortable with and I've used in thousands of photographs, with and without the strobe, and they don't look all that different. Mumble.

Well, again, we'll see the color tomorrow. I've just gone back and looked at the black and white proof sheets again with a calmer eye. They're not that bad. The problems can be corrected in printing. Shooting on a crowded boat with all the weird contrasty lighting you find on a sunny day is tricky and none of them fell into any of the obvious traps: bright back light, too much wine, cameras overboard.

As long as the family shots turn out (all done in color) and the taking of the vows turn out (all done in color) everyone will be happy. They will be happy because they will like the photographs and I will be happy because I got out alive ass intact, an important consideration for a photographer. Amateur photographer. Old amateur photographer. Plenty of time to make adjustments for MSJ's wedding in September. White wedding dresses and black tuxedos. A tradition that evolved before the camera. Mumble.

The photograph was taken at a recent Blogger's lunch at PCB in Oakland.