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SF Carnaval Parade.

May 30th, 2001

Set Another Course
Walked into work this morning and returned home on the bus, finishing it off with a pump it out walk up the hill in the heat to get back to the apartment. The legs have been sore, which is good, I guess, and I'm feeling fine. The day was too hot and humid to my taste, but there were no rolling blackouts, nobody tried to run me down in a crosswalk and the color slides from the Carnaval parade seem to have turned out all right. Nothing earth shaking, but all right. For someone who counts any day a good day that he can get out of bed and tie his own shoes, today was OK.

Mr. Wuss is OK. (It's one of those OK days.) He's eating. He's only peed once on the new bed and that I caught in time to feed the coverlet through the wash. What do I expect? I've got a defective cat. He's got an owner who's defective enough in his own right, so maybe it's a fair trade. Enough, maybe, about Mr. Wuss. He's lying on the Wacom tablet staring down at the floor as I type. This is good, except he occasionally pees on the Wacom tablet, which, for those of you who may not have one, is made out of pretty tightly sealed and somewhat waterproof plastic. That probably dissolves in cat piss.

The company email system was slow today and down for about half an hour. Not sure why. I'm just glad email's not one of my projects.

I've been continuing my old "what do I do now" routine, of course, and the idea of SF Carnaval Parade putting most of my belongings into storage and finding a small one bedroom apartment (with a nice view of the street, so I can set up my web cam again) that will hold my books, computers and work desk (in the living room); bed, cameras and a couple of studio lights (small, very small lights) and not a whole lot else has continued to give me warm fuzzy feelings. I said I was going to build a new photography web site and I shall, I suspect, as I've been puddling together page designs in my head. We'll see how enthusiastic I feel when it's time to start re-scanning all those negatives. I want to re-scan them anyway for prints and store them on CD's, but this requires actual effort and I'm quite capable of changing my mind when the effort starts. We'll see. These plans and ambitions have lives of their own and my attitude is to not unnecessarily mess with them when they become intransigent and set another course.

The photographs were taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade. The quote is by Fran Lebowitz.