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SF Carnaval Parade.

May 29th, 2001

Buzz Goes Away
Sunday. Ouch. I left my apartment for the Carnaval parade in San Francisco on the 8:00 AM train and returned four hours and ten rolls of film later. I can feel it in my feet and my legs and my irrational desire to crawl into bed, although this isn't the kind of tired that allows you to sleep. So, down to the video store, nothing in the current release section that talks to me, pick up a copy of Rodan, which I saw in the theater as a newly coined teenager and thought good, and a copy of Oh Lucky Man, in which Helen Mirren plays the young woman with the rock band that picks up McDowell on the road to London.

I'd like to see an image again of the younger Mirren. I liked the Prime Suspect series, but didn't, for some reason, connect the Detective Chief Inspector with the lush organic oyster Mirren of Oh Lucky Man. I shall watch both, unless my memory is playing tricks. Malcolm McDowell was a big deal in the early seventies. He (and Mirren both, I recall) starred in the X-rated Caligula, which, from a career perspective, was probably foolish. Still, my memory of Oh Lucky Man is an image of Mirren, and, come to think of it, of a young clean cut good looking football type guy in a hospital bed who'd had his head grafted onto the body of a giant sow. Better to remember Mirren.

Monday morning, Memorial Day in America, having just returned from breakfast. I watched most of Oh Lucky Man. Yes, there was Mirren, younger and smoother, and there was Malcolm, but I think I can leave Oh Lucky Man on the shelf now. No need to recommend or mention it again.

Tuesday, after work. I've picked up the black and white Carnaval Parade contact SF Carnaval Parade sheets, two photographs from which you see here. The color is due back tomorrow. Some of them at first glance are nice and I'm wishing now that I'd gone to the Oakland event on Monday, sore muscles or no. My usual assortment of good looking women shot while unaware. You will notice my "good looking woman adjusting her lipstick in the rear view mirror fetish" is still in good play. I'm wondering if I haven't beaten that one into the dirt, but I like the focus and concentration in the faces. They pay no attention to the photographer. Some things are much too important to suffer distraction. I do look for interesting faces with expressions that show the people behind them might be alive. It's good when they make you believe they're alive. Whether or not the pictures on this page ultimately have any value or not doesn't really matter, keep pressing the shutter, Prop, until the buzz goes away.

The photographs were taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade. The quote is by Fran Lebowitz.