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Cinco de Mayo parade

May 8th, 2001

Why Not?
Another warm day. They instituted a blackout yesterday, but my company was not affected. I believe we are in the block they shut down, but they only shut down part of it and none of the downtown buildings nearby seem to have been affected. We were kinda hoping for some more of the same today, but nothing doing. Well, it's a long week and the temperatures are all supposed to be in the eighties here on the coast, higher inland, where the sun lizards live. We'll have our day in the dark.

What happened today that in any way moves the spirit? Not sure. Walked into work in shirt sleeves with the same old backpack filled with the Nikon, a fanny pack filled with the things a photographer needs, a digital camera, just in case, and whatever else I might pick up along the way. Have no idea what it weighs, but it probably weighs a lot less than it sometimes seems. Does any of this have anything to move the spirit? Maybe. Just the walking. Instead of the car.

I said the Cinco de Mayo parade was not what it once was. I'm not sure what it once was. I think Cinco de Mayo parade. now that I was confusing it with the Carnival parade, which is a quite different matter. It's the Carnival parade that hosts the topless dancers and all of the other floats and entries that make for happy pictures. I believe they had one in Oakland last year and I was able to shoot quite a bit of film between them. The Cinco de Mayo parade was more parochial, high school kids marching, Aztec dancers dancing, but not a whole lot of Aztec dancers dancing, horsemen and horsewomen riding, small children in costume dragging ass by the time they finished up at City Hall. (Do you capitalize city hall? City Hall?) Cinco de Mayo celebrates the serious where the Carnival parade is a, well, carnival. What would you expect between the two in San Francisco?

I redid one of my PhotoShop lessons last night and could not for the life of me figure out how in the hell I'd done it the first time. These are important lessons, masks and the manipulation of masks used in the merging of images. Part of my brain is doing the usual fight every inch of the way against any learning whatsoever and another part is saying, well, if I were actually to get this stuff, actually learn something about it, well, life would probably become wonderful. Wonderful. Why not?

San Francisco Cinco de Mayo parade photos. The quote is by Fran Lebowitz.