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Here In Oakland

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March 22, 2017


Wednesday. To bed early again, although it took more time this time to get to sleep, perhaps because we got quite a bit of sleep the night before with the early to bed ocular thing. Awake at ten to six, feeling good, good for six in the morning anyway, and so out the door thinking I'd walk to breakfast as it wasn't raining and the sky didn't look overly threatening. A hard rain started just as I opened the front door to thank the Fates it hadn't started five minutes later and so drove, no need to debate or waffle in the decision.

Had an avocado with mushroom omelet and country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee, figuring I'd avoid the usual cheese. We're still a little skitterish with all this dry mouth/ocular crap going on, so we'll play it safe and see if we can't preclude any surprises later this day.

I'm due for a Protime blood thinner test and so the plan is to drop the car off at the dealer to have the headlights replaced, the left one burned out, get the blood drawn at the lab and then figure out what to do until the car is ready for pickup. Doesn't look as if it will be raining, but I wouldn't bet on it. Well, I guess I will be betting on it.

Later. A drive to the Honda dealer to leave the car for the headlights and a short walk to the lab where I was the only one in line. And so the blood was drawn and I was out the door in but a few minutes, a couple of pictures to note the progress on the apartment house construction site near the lab between Webster and Broadway.

And then back to Grand to catch the bus home. They're saying two and a half hours on the car so we'll futz around here until they call.

Later still. A call came to say the car was ready just after noon and so a bus to Broadway and a walk to the Honda dealer. Walking to the dealership I passed by an old car lot that they've been excavating for what I assume is a building of some sort and took three pictures, holding the camera up over the fence. I was surprised by the scale of the project.

Looking at a picture of the corner in Google it shows a sign on the surrounding fence saying both retail and office space is available for lease, so it's probably an office building. Quite a few apartment and condominium units being built in my immediate area, a thousand I'm aware of, and I'm sure there are more in places I don't visit anymore. So things are happening in reaction to these ever increasing rents. I hate to think what my apartment might rent for if it wasn't protected under rent control. Still, life goes on, no complaints.

Evening. Not a bad day. The sinuses could have been better, took an extra dose of the pain meds in the mid-afternoon, not sure if they did any good. Some people are born with sinus problems and I have more sympathy for them, particularly as they ended up with them by inheriting a badly dealt hand. I got mine from a surgeon who got up into them with a scalpel. Had I been smarter, done more homework, I might have avoided them, others born with them had no chance.

Babble, babble.

Well, that's my description of the day. None of the ocular stuff and that's to be celebrated. Unless we've got a surprise coming up later this evening. Same with the weather after the rain this early morning: sunny and warm, who can complain?

Babble, babble.

Evening. Spent most of the evening with the tablet in bed wading through more episodes of a series that's caught my attention. I go through my ups and downs in watching it, but it seems to have held my interest. Up to check out and then watch the first two interviews on Charlie Rose, but then back to bed on a day where we seem to have gotten some things on the list done.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Patrick's Day Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.