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March 29, 2016

The Wind

Tuesday. Lights out relatively early again to awaken this morning at quarter to seven, fifteen minutes later than the six-thirty target. So much for the accuracy of body clocks. Still, a good time to awaken, the extra fifteen minutes adds a lot of light to the breakfast walk.

Noted the two cent increase in the price of gas, another picture of one of the three remaining pandorea flowers, a walk back home, the temperature nice, the sun shining, a haircut scheduled for eleven and so a look at yesterday's entry before heading back out.

Then another look. An edit. More edit. It's time to stop this gibberish was the thought. Edit? Do I really? Where did all these typos come from? Why aren't they caught the day they were written, but waited until a last look the next morning to be found? Depressing. We'll continue to think about this. We need a change. A wind.

A bus downtown and the haircut, a walk back along Latham Square since I had the time, a couple of pictures, one to show what they were doing where Telegraph connects to Broadway, there's obviously still more to do before they're done.

A bus to the 7-11 look-alike to finally buy that ice cream bar. The ice cream bars have a history of occasionally causing an ocular moment, don't know if that's really true or not, but mostly they've been given a pass. Not so with the two scoops. We're still down on two scoops. I was feeling good, clear headed and an ice cream bar was the result. Maybe something more to eat later as I still continue to lose weight. Slowly, one fifty-one this morning, and I'm not completely sure why. Well, never hungry enough to eat. That would seem a suspect.

Oh, and yesterday I did post another Latham Square section to the two web sites.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now, the parts I'd missed this morning, watched this and that, back and forth, on the tablet. I seem to be doing this skip back and forth more often on the tablet. Maybe not a good sign for future self absorbed, blot out the world, entertainment. Another change in the wind?

The photo up top was taken at of Dave Sheridan in 1972 at the Rip Off Press in San Francisco, a good friend. Yesterday the anniversary of his passing. Too soon, way too soon.