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March 28, 2016

Passing Year

Monday. Lights out at nine to awaken at six-thirty, almost on the minute. Interesting how that works, the body keeping time and, if you haven't been beating the shit out of it, will remember when it's time to wake up. I'm sure scientists have done all kinds of research on this, not that slothful I will ever attempt to search any of it out.

A walk then to breakfast on a clear, going to be sunny, morning. They're saying no particularly high temperatures today, but warm enough from the feel of it for me. Not that I'll make use of it.

Talked with my sister last night, some thought about scheduling a time for me to visit. I've been sitting here thinking, but not doing anything about preparation for the future, a first step forward getting rid of all the crap I no longer need or use. Get rid of old photo stuff and too many books to count. Prepare.


Maybe I figure, if I mention it enough, something will happen. Eventually, unless the body and the brain suddenly leave the station and getting anything done is no longer in the cards. Of course. We'll see. I may surprise myself one day, but not in March. Maybe in April.

Best to stop. Your brain has left the station without a conductor.

Later. Remembered I needed to go by an ATM today and, if we're going to do that, we might as well include Latham Square pictures since we missed going last Friday. So a bus to the Broadway ATM and then on to the Square, the sky clear, with cool edged gusts of wind. A cool edged if you're wearing but a light jacket.

They've made progress at Latham Square, the bricks they're using to surface Telegraph where in feeds into Broadway now all seem to be in place. Maybe get it done by the end of next month? Be nice. Maybe a shame to lose a reason to go downtown, but I've taken enough snapshots of Latham Square to last for, well, a long time.

Hungry and a debate about what I could talk myself into eating for lunch as I was riding home. Caught the bus with but minutes to spare after finishing the pictures, otherwise I'd have gone over to the City Center and had lunch while waiting for another bus to arrive thirty minutes later. Couldn't think of anything I wanted to eat in the neighborhood and so here we sit at noon, a delivery due from Amazon today, otherwise no more distractions are scheduled.

You said you might start clearing stuff up here at the apartment.

I do talk.

Later still. Two hours watching a movie I've been watching now one short piece at a time for these last several days. It's become a habit. I run into something in the story line I don't particularly like and I stop, but then come back later and watch it until it either brings up whatever it was that got me going in the first place or finds another situation I find offensive. Or discomforting. I don't remember doing anything like this in my earlier years when I consumed movies like popcorn. Trivial stuff sends me off.

Oh, and watched a new episode of Elementary that ran for the first time last night on television. I learned it was running a few days back, they usually run on Thursday nights at ten, but they've been bumped by the basketball tournament and I, of course, had totally forgotten. No complaints, sleep was more important. Still, watched the first half, but then stopped for one of the reasons above. I have every confidence we'll get back to it before the evening is out.

Evening. Processed the day's pictures while listening to Democracy Now play in the background and will check out Charlie Rose later at eight to see if it's anything I'll want to listen to for the hour. We all have our little list of stuff we're willing to sit and listen through, although mine's getting shorter and shorter with every passing year.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Marathon Sunday morning before last with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.