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March 31, 2015

More Difficult

Tuesday. Lights out by ten to enter into a not totally restful night's sleep, but restful enough given some of the nights we've had in the recent past. Awake three minutes before the alarm and up without effort. So good. The idea is to get out the door and across Grand before the bus heading for the morning café comes along at seven so we have enough time to make it. Which we did.

And then a walk to the morning café, the bus running late and I not willing to wait. This is a half mile walk lasting all of maybe ten minutes and the plan now is if the bus and I meet at the same time, then fine, otherwise get a hoofin’. Hoofin’ is better than waitin’, even if we have to butcher the language to do it.

A good breakfast, a walk back to the apartment taking another out of focus picture of that flower, we'll do better tomorrow; a shot of the apartment house construction site because we can't quite pass it by without taking a photograph. And so the morning has started. A fair amount of time on yesterday's entry because it was written by an illiterate, but this we've come to accept. Time and the predictable things it does with one's skill set.

The car is due for a service, although I haven't been driving it, so we'll put that off until later in the week and concentrate on picking up a prescription refill later and maybe check out the bagel shop for coffee and a donut. If we can get our act together and do it.

Later. A bus downtown at noon to pick up that prescription and then heading over to an outside table at the City Center for coffee and a bun of some kind. Warm, lots of people about.

A walk not long after up Broadway first to the ATM and then on to Grand where I caught a bus to the apartment house construction site where I got off and took today's set of photographs. Fine, but no more than a mile's walk and I was unusually tired and so immediately to bed to lie down for an hour. Shouldn't have gotten that tired after so little exercise (he said). We'll see how things go with the Saint Stupid's Day Parade tomorrow.

Otherwise more of The Good Wife on the tablet. Actually too much more of The Good Wife on the tablet, the cynicism and back stabbing can rather quickly become deleterious. Well written, good dialogue, but exhausting for all the knives and conniving. Feeling better now that it's later in the afternoon.

Evening. And so a slower day than many. To bed early after checking out Charlie Rose to see who he was interviewing (too much Middle East stuff on the news as it is, no need to listen to more). A look at the tablet: still nothing that wasn't at the moment somehow either depressing or foolish and so lights out early, skip watching anything more on the tablet. It's probably too early, but maybe it won't make getting to sleep more difficult.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Running Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.