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March 30, 2015

Another Month

Monday. Lights out by ten and to sleep, but to awaken briefly at four in the morning with the right arm dead, the weight of the body having cut off its circulation. For whatever reason the sleeping me stopped turning over automatically in the night when such things occurred. Not sure why, but now instead of turning over in your sleep without awakening, it wakes you up when your side starts aching or your arm turns to lead. It does.

Hi, ho.

And so we go. Anyway, up with the alarm to walk to breakfast, the sky clear, the sun coming up. I noticed there was more ice when I passed the two newly planted trees in front of the pizza bar on Grand and wondered if it were indeed ice or something else more clever as I hadn't noticed anyone nearby who might have put out the ice. The pizza bar was dark, no sign of people inside. Moved the ice with the toe of my shoe. It was ice.

Back now to go over yesterday's entry. I'd stopped any writing after that ocular experience in the afternoon and needed to catch up. I seem to be reasonably clear headed and sharp this morning (in the lesser sense of sharp we've become accustomed to over these last several years), but we'll look at it later and check. Always an enlightening experience, checking to see if you're making sense.

Later. And so the day has gone well in a clear headed sort of way. Haven't done much of anything, but again: so far, so good. The usual short walk over to the construction site to take a couple of pictures followed by too much time on the web with the news droning on in the background. (There appears to be trouble in the Middle East.)

Somewhat cooler, in the high sixties, no thought for lunch as it approaches three. Didn't have a large breakfast - the plain waffle with sliced strawberries and bananas, coffee and the small gratis fruit cup - but still not hungry. It goes as it goes, I guess: one day you're hungry through the day, another day, when you think you'd be, you're not.

The end of the month Amazon shipment is due today they're saying by eight and I'm guessing from experience it will arrive after five. Various noodles and soups and such along with more red clam sauce. All of it undoubtedly carcinogenic, cholesterol coated and vitamin deficient, but it's easy and convenient and they've got me on a hook.

Evening. The Amazon shipment showed up before three and so it provided dinner. More time watching more episodes of The Good Wife on the tablet, a large dose of stories about people who don't trust people, set in a mythical Chicago political climate. One hopes a mythical Chicago political climate. Anyway, today's dose of “don't trust your wife, neighbor or kids” is now down and partially digested.

Nothing on what I've been calling television (no cable and flaky rabbit ear over the air reception), so more tablet later before lights out. Oh, and a start on the February apartment house construction site web pages with a thought to post at least some before we come to the end of another month.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Running Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.