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Here In Oakland

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March 23, 2015

They're Posted

Monday. To bed early to watch more of the same stuff on the tablet, but lights out by ten and another decent night's sleep. Up a couple of minutes before the alarm on what has turned out to be a rainy (but not too rainy) morning that had stopped by the time I walked to and back from breakfast. So good, I guess. Feel good, a solitary confinement demonstration starting at eleven this morning downtown that I will want to photography, so we'll hope we've seen our rain for the day.

My new plan for remembering the weekly blood thinner test started this morning. When I remember toward the end of the week that the test is coming up now on Mondays, I put the test unit on the desk by the computer monitor so it stares me in the face when I get up on a Monday morning. Worked this morning, the test taken first thing, the phone call transmitting the results done. We'll chalk it up to the start of a good week, see how long I go before I forget something else.

You're memory isn't that bad.

We scramble for things to talk about here so we go with what we have.

Anyway, finished processing the photographs, now to put together the HTML pages. Two sections to be finished and posted later today.

Later. I was thinking about something else as we passed the Broadway/Webster stop and so I got off the bus at the next stop and walked back to the ATM. So much for avoiding memory glitches. Still, a bus happened by as I was retracing my steps and so on to the City Center to first head across the street to the pharmacy to pick up that prescription that hadn't been available on Friday and then going over to the bagel shop for a muffin and coffee to sit and wait until things came together at eleven.

A walk to the City Hall and Frank Ogawa Plaza where this thing was supposed to form up. No one around. I noted one or two people who seemed at loose ends repeatedly glancing at their watches, but otherwise there was little to no activity.

Waited until eleven-thirty, decided life was too short to wait any longer (or sit and wait over another cup of coffee) and so took the bus to the apartment house construction site stop, photographed the site quickly and then returned to the apartment. I suspect there were people who eventually assembled by noon, but no regrets on not waiting.

Finished up working on the HereInOakland web pages for the marathon photographs. One or two need tweaking, so I'll tweak them before converting them for artandlife and post the both later. I go through them too quickly, need to spend more time processing and then get some distance to notice the glitches. Not an age or a memory thing, just, you know, photography if you want to do it right.

Later still. OK, they're posted to HereInOakland and artandlife.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Patrick's Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.