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Here In Oakland

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March 22, 2015

Lay A Bet

Sunday. Warm night and a good night's sleep. Two in a row. So good. Off to breakfast to find the morning restaurant hadn't opened yet, so on to the supermarket to pick up the needed jug of laundry detergent for use this coming Tuesday, the restaurant opening just as I returned. So all is well on this overcast Oakland Marathon Sunday, feeling pretty good, we'll go out and start shooting pictures now.

Later. Out the door to find it was colder than I was expecting, but headed on down to Grand and the lake to take all of half a dozen pictures before returning to the apartment to put on a sweater and a heavier jacket. Tired for that short outing, but OK, another pass to take a bunch of pictures of people running. From my standpoint they're all different faces and therefore different pictures, right up my alley, so the shoot went quickly. Back to the apartment to crash.

Not sure why so tired after such a short outing. Download the pictures, but then right to bed to watch something on the tablet and recover. Why so tired? Ah, well. We'll do the pictures later.

Later still. And so more time in bed watching more of The Good Wife on the tablet and eating yogurt. I can't buy yogurt and consume it sensibly. So I don't buy it often. Yes, I picked up two of the single serving bottles of sake too, but we'll cave in and drink them later this evening. I have no doubt. Yogurt and sake. Go figure.

Otherwise the time on the tablet has been followed by processing this morning's photographs. I'm starting slowly, but I have no doubt I'll get into it (as I always get into it) and go through the bunch. Two sections for the web sites as we've managed in the past? We can hope.

Evening. And so the rest of the afternoon processing pictures, taking a break as it approached six. I need eight more if I'm to do two sections and I'm not sure I want to look for them right now, maybe take a break until tomorrow. Should have stayed longer and taken more, but again, I was tired. I hate think how much more tired I might have been had I walked to breakfast and back this morning instead of driving. Experience says it would have had an effect.

Page Eight, a Masterpiece Contemporary program starts later at eight-thirty, but in looking it up just now on the web I realize I've seen it recently. It's not bad, a decent British spy number that I watched on the tablet, but I don't think I'll stay up to watch it again. And eight-thirty, after all, it won't finish until well after my bed time.

What do you bet you'll stay up late watching something on that tablet instead?

I'm often tired, often fuzzy, often scattered, but I'm not so stupid yet that I'd lay a bet.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Patrick's Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.