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March 17, 2014

Gone So Well
Monday. To bed early, up with the alarm feeling pretty good, the sky overcast but clearing. We're going to have a good morning and warmer afternoon here in drought central. Drought somewhat central. The plain waffle with fruit breakfast, by the way, we're not in any mood to take chances.

Driving home I passed a long line of very large empty dump trucks obviously waiting to be filled at the new apartment building construction site, so things are starting to happen there.

Out the door to take a picture or two before a scheduled hour long phone call with two people at eleven who are gathering information on a phone app I've been testing, using it with the Protime home blood test I've been using now for some months. An hour? Why would this Protime monitoring software app require an hour to discuss? But we'll know soon enough.

Anyway, they were loading the trucks fairly quickly with a street sweeper circling around near the construction site entrance, something I haven't seen before. The city obviously requires one or they would spend the money. Good for the city (I guess). My first sight was in seeing one of their trucks that had gone off the metal plates laid down for support and it was leaning, touching the wall. Worth a picture of course.

Later. The hour long interview on the cell phone went the full hour, putting the thing on speaker and holding it some distance from my ear. They were on Skype, one of them here in the area and the other in Hawaii, not sure I've ever participated in something like this before. A bit funky and hard to hear for much of the call.

Another walk then to take a quick look at the construction site and then on to take a bus to the City Center to pick up a prescription I'd order last Thursday. Yes, the doctor had approved the ninety day rather than the thirty day supply, but they were out and wouldn't have any in stock until Thursday. Ah. Not the way to start an afternoon, made me a little testy, it did, although I had to wait my turn as there were others carping with them as they stood in line.

A walk over to the City Center for a salad with pasta and a chicken breast. Good salad, not enough pasta and I didn't quite finish the chicken breast. Probably a moral sin if not downright illegal to throw any part of it out, but I did. When was that placed so firmly in my mind? Take no more than you can eat, eat everything you take. Starving children in China was the admonition. And there are, of course, still more than enough starving children in the world these many years later to be considered.

Why go into any of that? Bad enough you talk on and on about your sleep habits.

It was a good lunch, a healthy lunch and there should have been a silver if not a gold star awarded for choosing it for lunch. None of this bagel with cream cheese stuff. Other than not finishing that one piece of chicken, of course.

Back home to the apartment feeling just fine, thank you, the day t-shirt weather warm. We'll undoubtedly take more pictures before it's over and spend time on the guitar. Oh, and post the Saint Patrick's Day pictures to the artandlife site. A good day, I'd say.

Evening. Nothing on the various public television stations I want to watch. Two Korean soaps managed to keep me watching, although I focused on the guitar during the clunky, slap stick, make you cringe scenes. A culture clash right inside your head before going to bed. Early. We will after this day that's gone so well.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Patrick's Day Parade Saturday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.