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March 16, 2014

Bed He Said
Sunday. A long day, yesterday, interrupted by that brief ocular incident. Still, lots of pictures, most of which I'm somewhat ambivalent about. No problem with the equipment, just the luck and the photographer and the fact I'm always concerned when I first look through the photographs. I spent some of last evening going through the camera manual. Are there settings I'm not using that I should be using? Am I too lazy? Getting too lazy? We are, after all, not dead yet.

To sleep after ten, awake and up before the alarm to set out for breakfast with just the Chronicle in tow, the Times (for the first time) and the Tribune late. Nice morning, though, another nice day and so home after filling the car with gas to then take a bath before heading out somewhere for a walk and then finishing yesterday's pictures up.

Are you really ambivalent about their quality?

Lots of OK pictures, but nothing really good. Well, one or two out of some fifty pictures, enough for two sections from the two hundred or so pictures taken. Maybe a good sign, this being unhappy with what I'm producing, a sign of spring and energy and such welling forth. I could certainly use a change in pace.

We've noticed that.

Good for us.

Later. A slow feeling tired morning, probably the after effects of all the running around yesterday, although I wouldn't have considered it at all over the top not too many years past. Whatever.

A walk to the ATM over on Lakeshore in the late morning, a trip of under two miles, sitting on one of the benches by the lake for maybe ten minutes to cool my (tired) jets on the way back. A picture or two because that's what we do.

A nap and then more time on the Saint Patrick's Day Parade photographs. Two sections, but not until later tomorrow. We do have more than enough for two, they're OK, although they don't really describe the parade as they were taken before it started. I did take pictures of every group I encountered, at least the images give a proper flavor, but I'm the candid portrait guy and don't have an editor to keep happy.

Still, no longer tired after the nap and so on through the afternoon the day has turned out well, t-shirt temperature out there. Another short walk to the lake to take a couple more pictures. Couple is about right, hard to come up with something new when you're shooting subjects you've photographed so many times in the past.

Evening. Nothing on television so we've spent time on the guitar between sessions on the photographs. Good progress, but they won't be finished until morning. Which is good, we're feeling good. More guitar and then to bed (he said).

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the San Francisco Saint Patrick's Day Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.