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March 25, 2012

Let Me Tell You
Sunday. To bed before eleven. I think. Up this morning before the alarm heading off to breakfast after waiting on the Chronicle to arrive. Which it didn't. Bummer.

Still, early morning clear skies and sun during breakfast, home now at eight with the clouds starting to roll in, but hoping for no rain later this morning for the marathon. We'll see. Maybe a nap before heading down the hill with the cameras. Not sure when they'll come by, but it's been later mornings for the early runs.

Later. An overcast, but nice day. Hey. A walk down to the lake around ten to meet the first runners in the half marathon group coming around the lake, so a picture or three over the course of maybe an hour. A lot of pictures, of which many didn't turn out or, more accurately, many were OK, but pretty much like the many others that were similarly OK and didn't stand out. Enough for a web page on HereInOakland and ArtAndLife, though, we'll get to them by the end of the day. (Hey.)

Evening. So the afternoon has been devoted to working with the marathon pictures in Photoshop (the new beta edition of Photoshop 6 with the weird black work screen), the day outside sunny and nice, a walk down the hill for sushi and sake after five returning with a buzz just at six. A way to celebrate a sunny day, a few decent pictures and the end of an excellent weekend.

I'll put up two sections of marathon photographs, there isn't much variation I'm afraid between them - runners grimacing and such - but they're my photographs and there will be two rather than one sections. Out of a much larger number of duds, let me tell you.

This one was taken on the way to my guitar lesson Thursday with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.