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March 24, 2012

I Will Do
Saturday. To bed at ten-thirty last night with the rather sudden onset of a tell-tale dry mouth and the odd little sparkly thing that appears when I close the left eye. Just a pale shadow of the little sparkly thing, but what the hell. Whatever it was then disappeared and I slept relatively soundly, albeit dreaming for some reason of sitting at a bar similar to those in the pubs we'd hit earlier that evening. Awake before the alarm feeling good, off to breakfast and back before eight, a rainy day and weekend ahead from the look of it.

So, however complicated the evening before, it seems to have worked itself out and I'm looking forward to puttering around here inside. There's guitar to practice and maybe a letter or two to write. I know, a letter, who does that anymore? Well, at my age, a couple of friends still hold firm, some because they've dug their heels in and won't budge and some for what appear to be security concerns. I, of course, have long ago gone over to the other side.

That's a bit opaque. Security concerns?

We'll stick with opaque.

Later. A nap of sorts and a session checking the usual Internet places before walking over to the morning café in the rain. What the hell, I needed to get outside and, although it's raining, it's not raining all that hard. I took along the little Nikon V1 camera since it fits comfortably under the coat, the strap around the neck taking but one picture while walking back, more to have taken one than anything else. We're allowed. It's OK. One lone walker around the lake.

Later still. Still futzing with the little Nikon, digging out the manual finally to check the menu settings. I don't think Nikon has the best menu design - manual production team on their side of the ocean. Their professional level camera menus have been getting better with each new model, but this one needs a complete overhaul. I figure I've done enough shooting by now to know how to set up a camera and it shouldn't feel like breaking rocks to figure it out. I suspect I'm not the only user who's bitched. I get the impression the new 1 series cameras aren't selling as well as they'd hoped they would.

Still, you've got it up and running.

Yeah. I haven't done anything with the video. I does take a pretty good picture, has some features that are nice. The ability to press the button once and have it take four quick shots is interesting for example, although. I'm in the shoot one at a time “decisive moment” camp. You get better with time and practice, much like learning the guitar, and if I were doing that kind of critical shooting I'd be using the big Nikons anyway. That's what they're built for.

Evening. A good long session on the guitar, more than enough to make up for the shorter sessions yesterday. Feel pretty good having watched one and another television program including the Scandinavian police procedural at six while I was playing. I knew I'd seen it not that long ago, yet I remembered nothing of who'd done it. Not a clue. We tend to chalk this one up on the plus side, though. I've never been good at remembering the “who done its” in the mystery world, even when I was young and halfway clever, and it's allowed me to watch them more than once without knowing the ending.

So to bed, get another decent night's sleep, prepare to face the rain tomorrow. Wrap the cameras in plastic and photograph the marathon. Which I will do.

This one was taken a year ago in Rockridge celebrating my birthday with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.