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March 10, 2012

An Evening Nap
Saturday. To bed last night at a decent hour, up this morning before the alarm, off to breakfast and back well before eight. They're saying a chance of rain later today and through the weekend into next week. We'll survive, although I'd better get a picture or two in the hopper today just in case.

I was wrong about that Occupy march at seven in the evening yesterday. It's tonight. A second chance to crap out. My, my.

Although the lungs are slightly more likely to cause the occasional cough, all those nasty dry, foul mouth and tiredness symptoms are gone. Definitely the inhaler. We'll cough once or twice more in a day and tough it out. I wish the various other roadblocks in life were as simple to resolve.

You've got roadblocks?

Just the usual psychological ones, nothing to compare with what's put up with by rest of the world. We're not really dumb, we only act that way for reasons often difficult to resolve.

Later. A short walk along the lake and then through the farmers market to Lake Shore thinking ice cream, but arriving before the shop opened, settling on a donut of some kind. Bad choice, that donut, but I knew it at the time. Nothing in the way of photographs.

I shot the one above to add to the graffiti collection as well as this one and the one behind the title logo because, well, it wasn't something I could pass up. No thought or energy put in the pictures, but thought and energy seemed missing on my walk. I need a nap. Must remember to nap before setting out into the darkness light.

Later still. I always wonder a little - am I really tired enough to sleep? - the answer late this morning was yes, over an hour into the early afternoon. Up now letting the world reassemble and the various body parts wake up. Maybe a walk later by the farmers market again as it starts winding down and then on to have a late lunch. Can't think of anything I'd like to eat, but something will come up. Doesn't have to be much.

And indeed a walk by the market (no photographs) and on to the morning café for a BLT and a glass of lemonade. The waitress brought me a chocolate cupcake with a cream cheese filling and another something or other wrapped in plastic. I was able to eat about half the cupcake along with the sandwich and lemonade. Nice of them to bring extras, but a little disconcerting as I often can't eat them and don't like to send them back. The plastic wrapped something or other is sitting in the refrigerator and will be unwrapped and disappear when the time is right. So complicated, all this stuff.

I sat for a while by the white columns on the way back taking a picture or two or three of a youngster chasing geese. Not quite in focus, but I should have started shooting sooner when she chased the first one. This is the second or third one she'd managed to flush. Ah, well.

Back now after three, a decent day for a forecast of cloudy with rain later in the afternoon. We'll see. A bit tired, wonder if this is now the norm, wonder if all this wondering is at all useful as things seem to go up as well as go down, but no complaints. There are a couple of movies due from Netflix when the mail arrives, maybe one of them will be watchable. You can hope. Not a bad day. The attitude, at least, seems good.

I'm not sure you can quite tell that from what you're writing.

Let's not confuse the writing with reality, whatever we mean by reality. I'm not sure we see all that much of it unless we're forced to when an oncoming car comes swerving into our lane, the wife packs the kids and leaves or the checks begin to bounce.

Evening. OK, another day. The two movies arrived, we'll try one after we see what the Scandinavian police procedural is at six (we've been drifting into rather wretched Italian fare lately I'm afraid). Plenty of options yet before we consider an evening nap.

This one was taken walking along Lake Park Avenue near the Grand Lake Farmers Market this morning with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.