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March 9, 2012

Eyes Half Closed
Friday. Watched the last two episodes of the second Deadwood season last night, checked to see, and yes, there's a third season, so I added its first two DVD's to the Netflix queue. Good, I guess. Anyway, after all that excitement I got to bed relatively early, but then spent an hour or more catching up on some recent magazines. For someone who subscribes to more than a few I don't stay on top of them as much as you might suspect. Or is this pretty much true for everyone? Another habit I've just let slide and not trimmed back on the pack? Magazines I really don't do more than flip through anymore and don't really read?

Anyway, to sleep whenever it was, up before seven, off and back from breakfast none the world wiser for reading the papers, another clear and bright day out there now, we'll see what transpires.

I did note the arctic ice extent evidently reached its maximum near my birthday. Other things do happen on the eighth of March. We'll just note it in passing. It's all clear water and nice sailing from here on out.

Things are getting a little thin here, don't you think? Sea ice and such?

They often do before my first nap.

Later. So, the nap, good, needed that. Sitting thinking of somewhere, anywhere I might like to go, I remembered I'm overdue for the monthly Protime test (is the blood thinner in balance?), so I hopped a bus and then walked up Broadway to the hospital lab. Again, a nice day, a nice enough walk, a bus back then to Grand where I headed over to the coffee shop next to the Catholic church and had coffee and a muffin. Dry, that muffin, wasn't able to finish it.

And so the day stumbles on. It's still early afternoon I'm feeling reasonably well, but don't have an ounce of ambition to do anything other than enter this and call it a day. Hey.

Later still. I mentioned I'd ordered some votive candles recently that were due to arrive next week, although they arrived through FedEx just now. I may have not remembered the quantity I ordered last time, given the size and weight of the box, so I checked to see when it was and how many I'd ordered that first time. Ah, a gross, ordered in November 2008, over three years now. A gross of votives in three years? And I ordered two? The only saving grace is the price of two was about the price three years ago of the one. I suspect I'm good on candles for the while. Clearly the excitement for the day though.

Evening. I copied the Oscar Grant pages from HereInOakland over to ArtAndLife, a project I've left hanging for far too long. Odd. I was stumbling around looking at this and that and, for whatever reason, Oscar caught my attention and zip! the interest was engaged and it was done. Not without noticing and correcting the errors I'd left in the naming and navigation of the pages the first time around. Was I any more fried back then than I am now? I wonder. Things are picking up - we'll leave it at that - but is the head actually emerging into the light? (We won't ask from where.)

Ah, well. Maybe a run over to the supermarket to pick up something for later. Sake comes to mind, but I'm not willing to experiment so soon with sushi down the street, not after the last outing. I don't think it's the sake, although I'm sure it contributes, but more the spicy mussels (with a cheese based sauce) and maybe some of their seasonings, although sushi, you know, what seasonings?

There's an Occupy march starting in another ten minutes downtown at seven, but no way I'm heading out in the dark. Most of the dramatic Occupy images you see in the press are shot at night. Nice orange light streaming through the tear gas, I don't need any nice orange light in my tear gas, not tonight, not tomorrow night. Maybe next week when daylight savings has reverted back and it might then be light at seven in the evening. Somewhat light. Suitable for, um, older photographers.

Let's see. The Protime test results were called in late this afternoon: all is well. Most of the time it's well, sometimes adjustments are required lest I cut a finger and bleed to death. Or throw a clot. Or a hairball. I'm less clear on the subject than I should. I suspect I'd think it odd to have a blood test every month if it weren't for the fact I've been having one now for the last ten years. Ah, well. As long as the results are good and the insurance holds.

My old company is owned by the Singaporean government and, I would imagine, won't drop its coverage for its retirees as easily as a private corporation might. So we'll not worry about it.

You appear to have run out of gas again.

But nicely, conveniently, snug up here in the apartment: the head clear, the eyes half closed.

This one was taken of a pair of interesting shoes walking along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.