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March 6, 2012

Again Tomorrow
Tuesday. To bed relatively early again, up to shut off the alarm and sleep in another forty-five minutes. Off to breakfast and back on a bright clear morning, a good day ahead. No inhaler last night, none today, we'll see if the “tiredness” continues to manifest. Exciting stuff for the beginning of a week I must admit.

There are a great many things in life you don't really have to admit.

We'll do a proper guitar session today, pull it all together and go through the complete lesson a number of times. It does feel good when you strike the chords properly and the sounds that come out of the guitar are recognizable. Hup. Simple little things, but they count.

Noted in going over yesterday's entry the number of interesting little typos found. I say typos, but they don't resemble what I've called typos in the past: missed keys, a letter off. More a word off or coming from some other chain of thought just dropped into what was currently being written. Not really errors but more odd little short circuits in the head that lead to words incomprehensible in the context. Nothing creepy or anything, just odd. Makes you wonder if there are more things with novel aspects to come.

Or if we're gazing much too intensely at our collective navel.

Oh, I have no doubt of that. Time on our hands and everything. Something to write about. For a minute or two before we stop.

Later. An hour's nap. Not the “tiredness” to the same degree, but we'll give it a couple more days to tell.

Anyway, a walk to the morning restaurant for a bagel, cream cheese and coffee. Not particularly tasty in themselves, but better than anything else I could think of after what was for me a light breakfast. A brisk wind, so there was no one else out on the patio, but again, a nice walk around the noon hour.

A young fellow, African American as it happens, hailed me on my way back to the apartment as I was passing through Splash Pad Park. He mentioned he'd talked to me once before when he noticed the camera and asked for my advice. I did remember, most people aren't smart enough or aware enough to ask for a stranger's advice. I certainly wasn't when I was his age. Anyway, he was putting together a model shooting group and would I like to come by? He gave me a card and suggested we connect on Facebook.

OK. I asked him if he were aware of the Model Mayhem web site, a group of professional models and photographers who posted their resumes looking for bookings. Yes, but they had requirements to join that he couldn't yet meet and he was putting together something of his own. Well, don't know if I'll drop by (this Saturday), but interesting to see someone with ambition and smarts take the bit and run with it. The difference between sitting there (here) and doing something is often small, but small efforts can lead to big steps. I wish him well.

Later still. So, sushi and sake at the place down the hill, back to the apartment to watch that episode of Deadwood that had arrived to replace the earlier damaged disk, the episode itself drifting off into an ocular migraine where reality and the show merged and things got a bit out of hand. Out of hand sitting in the chair watching, of course, little wisps of smoke rising from my ears. Interesting to be in the middle of something where you're not flashing to the fact that your world has been pureed in a giant blender and you're not in Kansas anymore.

That doesn't quite make sense. My experience with LSD as a callow youth was of a similar sort, although I was always aware of what was happening, a third party me watching it all take place, where with the ocular migraine it takes some time for the realization to form. Of course with dropping acid you know you've thrown the switch and you're expecting something different. I wonder if there'd have been a similar unsuspecting drift into a technicolor space if you'd been slipped the stuff and weren't expecting fireworks? Still, I suspect, once you'd had the trip, unknowingly slipped the stuff or not, you'd recognize that the bottom had dropped out in July and there was snow on the road and a ski jump ahead.

Ah, well. To bed early, we'll catch up on Deadwood again tomorrow.

This one was taken on Lake Merritt with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 180mm f 2.8 Nikkor D lens.