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March 5, 2012

It At That
Monday. Watched Bill Moyers last night. Incredible series on the current state of the American experiment. Clear and not a little frightening.

To bed early, for all that, up before the alarm, to breakfast and back now before eight. Not particularly hungry. I'm always guilty when I don't eat but, say, a third of what they've put out on a plate and, when I was younger, I'd usually just finish it off. No longer true. That was the little epiphany I had while leaving, just eat what you want, leave the rest and life will not end, take care of any issues you may have with waste by ordering less. If they've got something on the menu that isn't served in gallons or pounds.

What was that about?

I don't know. I'm still in uncharted territory with this weight thing. Not hard to maintain, we're still under a hundred and sixty in the mornings, but after a lifetime of being forty pounds heavier, well, it seems there's still a conversation echoing down here somewhere inside.

Really foggy out there this morning, although I'm now seeing some signs of sun peeping through, so maybe we have a good day ahead. I have things to do today, paperwork to catch up on, a trip to the storage locker that's been hanging over my head now for the last week. Not enough to drive me to bed to pull the covers up, but enough. Enough.


Later. A quick walk along the lake not taking more than ten minutes. Well, maybe fifteen minutes. No urges to go anywhere in the nearby neighborhood, so we'll look at that paperwork I talked about and see if I can get something done. The blood pressure is holding pretty much smack on at 120 over 80 now after cutting the medication by a third and I'll take a shot from the allergy inhaler later to see if it does indeed bring on that sour foul tasting mouth. The web said it was one of the side effects, but not to worry, not many experience it. I have a hunch I'm one of the not many they're talking about.

Later still. Screw the inhaler, it's history. Not because I tried it again as I suggested earlier, but because I remembered another of the side effects (listed along with dry mouth) some people experience: tiredness. This after a hour or so's nap late this morning and then another hour or so's nap in the early afternoon. It now comes back. We'll make a note, write something in red on the calendar, take a memory pill, something that shouts: do not pick up another inhaler again. Period. Q.E.D. L.S.M.F.T. Whatever.

So, some guitar now as I listen to the news. I'm still thinking in terms of another nap. Did I mention how much sleep I got last night? Reasonably good sleep? I believe I did. I'm tired of this. Tired of being tired and a little loose in the head.

Evening. Another day done. Or close to done. Nothing on television much worth watching. Life as dictated by the quality of the programming one can find on the tube. Probably not the way one was designed to live a life, so we'll leave it at that. Hup.

This one was taken 3rd near Broadway yesterday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.