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March 1, 2012

Think About It
Thursday. Rain this morning. A light rain, but definitely rain. Up somewhat after the alarm, to breakfast and back noting the increase in gas prices, back now to the apartment. I skipped the scheduled blood pressure medicine last night figuring I'd let it drift up toward normal before starting again, the reading reading now 90 over 60, so we're not ready yet. OK. I've experienced this before. Not feeling the need for a nap, at the moment, feel pretty good, but these things come back to bite you if you're not watching to which many an old bite mark will attest.

No photographs in the hopper at the beginning of this new month, so it would be nice to get a break in the rain. I find I don't tend to take as many full frame portrait oriented photographs as I've done in the past, the kind I need up top. OK, adjust, keep our eye out. Another little mechanism that keeps the camera rolling. Not a problem. It would be a problem if it ever became a problem, but our interest doesn't seem to be anywhere near flagging now over a decade later.

Another short nap. Not as tired as in earlier days, the current blood pressure finally up into the 110/70 area, perfectly good for a day's truckin’ in my experience. So good. It's now after one and there's some sun outside, the really dark rain clouds being moved aside by a wind from a much bluer sky to the west. They're saying sun tomorrow and through the weekend. Maybe they're right. They might.

Still, sun. Another walk? Some sushi for a late lunch? Not sure I want any sake. I'm not sure the thing you look for after a period of fuzzy brained tiredness is another fuzzy chemically induced fuzzy brain, albeit upbeat. Not for a few days.

Later. OK, sun. This sun throughout the weekend forecast looks better now in the later afternoon, the sky clear of the dark clouds. Yes, I got outside, walked the short distance along the lake, turned back and had lunch at the sushi place. Feel pretty good, actually, the sake not much in evidence. Did I know that when I wrote earlier I was really going to have sushi/sake for lunch (wink? wink?)? Maybe I did, maybe I didn't but, I admit, given my options as I was walking, sushi and sake won out. Perhaps for the ambience - I do know these folks - perhaps because, well, no need to go on with that.

The afternoon progresses well, we'll see if a real day starts tomorrow.

Evening. Feel good, the blood pressure approaching something most people consider normal. I think I'll restart taking the medication again tomorrow morning and cut it by a third for the future, see if that works. Odd to have let that get out of hand again. Maybe keep little notes tacked up on the calendar: remember, remember. Life in some ways becomes more complex to juggle.

We'll get to bed early. I've done some guitar. Good to get in the guitar. The six o'clock Scandinavian police procedural turns out to be a modern Chinese tale I've seen before. Rather odd and off the wall, actually, I almost remember some parts of it, but not worth watching twice. A Thursday, the first day of another month, my birth month as it happens, the coming number of accumulated birthdays scary when you look at it on paper. Or think about it.

This one was taken at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 180mm f 2.8 Nikkor D lens.