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February 29, 2012

We Will
Wednesday. Up this morning with the alarm after a decent night's sleep. Raining last night, as forecast, a brief touch of sun from behind threatening clouds as I sit here having returned at eight from my morning routine of breakfast and the papers, a guitar lesson ahead at ten. I can do that. I've come to peace with my guitar lesson.

A pulmonary appointment later this afternoon at three. I'll get in a nap before I head out, I'm still not one hundred percent, but making progress. This week should finish up whatever ailment I've been dancing with now for this last week and we'll get on to bitching about something else. I do need to take some decent pictures, get out of my local little run around the neighborhood rut. I can do that, but later, now we have music and easier breathing through chemistry to take into account.

Later. Not a bad lesson. No rain heading over at least, going through the two assignments in good order, moving on now to the next in the current book, deciding to continue to work on mastering the chord changes in The Who's Can't Explain, all of about five of them, over and over. Not such bad progress after this long last week though, no matter the number of chords.

Then basically finish out this morning and early afternoon with napping. Drifting in and out of the ozone. Seems like a long time to be doing this, but again, progress is being made. I'd feel differently if it wasn't. And I'd say something about it. I would.

Off to the pulmonary doctor for the three o'clock, hopefully then to put this list of various doctors on hold. We'll have one or two parades and street festivals coming up in March before we head into what I guess might be called the Bay Area street performance season. Need to find other avenues for taking pictures. I haven't done any hard core street photography in some time. It takes patience, but again, I haven't done enough recently (other than at the festivals, protests and parades) to see if I haven't improved, can't improve. You get better as you practice (please?) although it seems to progress in its own time and at its own pace.

Later still. They took my blood pressure when I arrived and it was twenty points under, top and bottom, the the 120/80 target. I've forgotten about watching it, particularly as I've lost weight this last week with the cold, and blood pressure is very sensitive to changes in weight as I learned when I first started losing two years ago. Best to skip a dose of the medication and check it in the morning. I've cut it substantially over this last two years, maybe have to cut it more. Which is good, as it explains all the naps. So, good. I guess.

Otherwise the doctor says the lungs are good, good progress, rolling along, another appointment in six months. Back now feeling a little better, the very slightest signs of an ocular migraine coming on as I was entering the doctor's office. Driving, of course, but again, nothing but precursors, the head relatively clear if a bit tired, so no real effect on the driving. I did misjudge that light, but... Well, we're fine and the populace was never in real danger.

Some ice cream I think and then the usual run of news programs followed by a Scandinavian police procedural. No complaints. Whether that's good or bad - this no complaints mantra - I know not.

Evening. Let's hope the low blood pressure is one of the culprits. I've essentially been napping all day long, still feel like taking another one. The pressure is still 100 over 60, again, ten points too low. I do remember similar readings in the past when I'd undergone some weight loss and the dose I'd been taking became too much, lowering the pressure too far. So we'll see. We will.

This one was taken at Splash Pad Park with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.