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March 15, 2011

Such As That

Tuesday. I'm not sure why I tend to get a bit buzzed in the evenings, buzzed in the sense my energy picks up, so last night I got to bed around eleven-thirty after watching the Japanese English language news channel and you know what. Up this morning at six, out the door and into the sporadic rain at six-thirty, home now after breakfast and the papers at eight. It is overcast, it is raining and I have much to get done today in preparation for my guitar lesson tomorrow and a first session with the ocular neurologist. Hup, hup! I guess.

Later. Noon, now, after an hour or so's nap. Sounds right, getting up at six two days after Daylight Savings time kicked in. But we're making progress. A guitar session now and then preparation for this doctor's appointment tomorrow. Forms to fill out, an old MRI to locate (hup, hup). Oh, and car insurance to arrange. Need to do that before Friday. I've been putting it off. Yes I have.

Later still. OK, another funky day, tired without being tired or tired without being able to sleep. Well, maybe to doze off a little bit while lying down listening to the radio, noticing it comes into focus and out of focus over time. Not sure why all these ups and down, but I might as well take advantage of them. If I feel like lying down, well then, lie down.

Another session on the guitar, I think, stressing the chords and I should be ready for my lesson tomorrow morning. Then on to the doctor's appointment. Then back home to bed if the way this week has started is any guide, but we're OK with that. I may throw in a few “goods” to go with it. Not sure why all this - hup! hup! - to the journal these days, maybe go back and see if that's been the fact since I started.

Evening. Makes me wonder. About three in the afternoon the head cleared a bit, the tiredness seemed to evaporate to some degree. The wonder part is it tends to do this fairly consistently. Not always, sometimes the late afternoons develop ocular migraine symptoms, but why the feeling better in the mid afternoons and evenings? This is where you go off the tracks, I'd guess. Eating at the same restaurant every morning? Do they lard their fare with MSG? It's on my list of things to avoid, although I've never had a reaction I'm aware of to it in the past.

A walk down to the sushi place for a very light dinner and sake. I have no idea why. The sinus-upper palate thing was acting up a bit and sake does a nice job on moving that back, but I'm wondering how much control I really have over my own behavior? You have too much time on your hands, I suspect, when you're thinking about such as that.

The photograph was taken day before yesterday down the way with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.