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March 14, 2011

Way To Find Out

Monday. The scrambled I: up at seven, to breakfast at seven-thirty, home now at nine. Hup, hup. Rain, overcast, not a great day, but I have necessary items arriving (we're in our routine fantasy mode here using “necessary” rather too loosely) by UPS and will be staying close to home for that reason whatever the weather. I have other items on the list that need to be done, have needed to be done now for some time. I'll be curious, at the end of this entry, if I've actually managed to do them.

Actually, you don't have anything due today through UPS or anyone else.

Hmm. I just checked. One or two things are due later this week, but nothing today from the look of it. I guess I am scrambled this morning, as in many recent mornings I guess.

Later. Sitting at a table outside at the morning restaurant under an awning with a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese, the waitress having added a sliced orange and pieces of watermelon and canteloupe, something they do for their regulars. Thinking, well, this head thing does tend to slow me down, slows down the thinking maybe, the reaction time certainly. Not sure about anything else. A decent walk, though, back now for the rest of the rainy afternoon.

Later still. I'll be curious to see how tomorrow goes. It's approaching ten in the evening after an afternoon and early evening of whatever was going on. Nothing particularly spectacular, just more of the same as noted above. I did get the practice in, did follow along with the news, watched the first half of a DVD movie before deciding it was absolute crap (not unusual these days), maybe a good night's sleep will help. Only one way to find out.

The photograph was taken yesterday of a doorway in Chinatown with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.