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Under Construction
At a not so recent lunch in Oakland

March 12th, 2005

I'm Going
Saturday in Oakland. The sky has been overcast all day (not bad photography weather) and I'm feeling pretty good for someone who's been talking about not feeling good for these several years (I am feeling good. Really.) and I've been futzing with PhotoShop and learning stuff. It's good to learn stuff. I also ordered a whoop-dee-do graphics level flat panel monitor. And bought tickets to two Laguna Seca races coming up this season, tickets with access to whatever there is to have access to and camp out area parking. I said I'd bought the Element to get out of this place and shoot photographs. This is the beginning. Adventures over and beyond the bridges are coming, one way or another.

I'm never sure when you're BS'ing us or BS'ing yourself. You sound more like you're swearing vengence on a drug cartel between your teeth than planning a pleasant vacation.

We'll see. Progress, I think, here in Oakland. The Saint Patrick's parade tomorrow in San Francisco. If it isn't raining, I'm going.

The photograph was taken at a lunch in Oakland in 1999 with a Nikon N90s mounted with a 35-70mm f2.8 Nikkor lens on T-Max 400.