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San Francisco 1999 Gay Pride Parade

March 11th, 2005

Word Or Two Difference
The last two days have been very warm. High seventies yesterday, high seventies today. Who knows how hot it got east of here over the hills. I had the fan on all last night, I'll probably have the fan on with the bedroom windows open this evening. I say this having received an email from Annie where she wrote (very early in the morning) it was zero degrees Farenheit outside in Connecticut. I say this with no animosity. Remember, for those of you experiencing zero degree weather, Oakland has an extremely high murder rate and if you move here you'd better get your street smarts up to speed pretty quick or you'll probably get gunned down before your first week is out. And the housing is expensive. Didn't stop Rein from moving to a Greek island, I notice, but the murder rate is probably lower in the Greek outback and, I'm told, it does get cold in the Netherlands.

Is this wine or a complete lack of embarassment talking?

Both, of course, here in Oakland.

It's a Friday, of course. Two paragraphs beginning with “of course” enforces the suspicion this is being written on wine, I'm afraid; which is true, but under house rules, you understand: No more than two glasses. Does it add to coherence, does it add to creativity? I've not heard a writer say so. A little weed, a little alcohol in the writer's beginning days to see how the words flow under their influence, but basically, once the experimentation is complete, clear headed leads to clear writing. So I'll look at this tomorrow before posting. I (more often) “look at it tomorrow” before posting. There's usually only a word or two difference.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 1999 Gay Pride parade with a Nikon N90s mounted with a 135mm f2.0 Nikkor lens on T-Max 400.