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A recent Dim Sum lunch in Oakland.

March 4th, 2003

Hurry Up and Wait
Monday. Mailer says you should sit down every day in an unspoken agreement with your subconscious. You sit down ready to write every day at a certain hour and the subconscious will deliver or the subconscious will not deliver, but if it delivers, it will deliver at the appointed time, so best you be there to receive it. I've been hoping my own subconscious has some good stuff buried and ready, deep down saved and waiting for the right moment. (Come out! Come out!) One morning in the bath, perhaps? Great Kafka-esque passages, squirming and flexing as they jabber out onto the page? I'm partial to snappy jabber, myself. In the bath. At the computer. Echoing inside my head.

Polly, by the way, agrees with Rien: "...for the record, I'm afraid I have to agree with On web TV in Santa Barbara. Rien on that monster truck thing :-)". Hmmm. I see gathering concensus here, I'm probably going to actually have to go out and buy it. I have no doubt Polly's on target, but two similar opinions from reliable people is suggestive. Three and it's a done deal. Polly sent the picture, by the way, taken in a motel room when she and BF were on the road in Santa Barbara. "I have absolutely no idea why I took this - maybe it was to document my introduction to the wonders of web TV, a new concept for me at the time."

I like it. Look at the type face. I don't think I've actually seen web TV (Yes, yes, I've read about it, and occasionally I see one coming in through the web logs, about one in every two hundred visits, but I live like a hermit here surrounded by high powered Intel processors and we don't allow no stinkin web TV at the office.)

What was that about?

I have no idea, but Mailer says listen to the little voice in the head and that's what the little voice in the head said.

Tuesday. Had the ear tests. The right ear seems to have caught their attention, but I won't get the results until I meet with the neurologist on the 12th. Hurry up and wait.

The photograph was taken at a recent lunch at a Dim Sum restaurant in Oakland.